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  1. also, the Spas seems to be firing dragons breath rounds. (1:04)
  2. Has it occurred to anyone that maybe the "shoot everything" hint meant something as obvious and overlooked as simply shooting the door that activates the WaW cast easter egg? Dunno for sure, but that's what I think he meant.
  3. Round 70? isn't that a little much. I don't think most zombie players have the time to get there. IF the burning zombie was a special zombie boss like the hellhounds, pentagon thief, and monkeys, than it should appear every few rounds that changes the way you go about playing a regular round. I hope something that's fun to fight, unlike the pentagon thief. buuuut, i still think that's what happens to a zombie after having being hit by a flamethrower.
  4. kuosis

    The PM-63

    For those who say the PM-63 is a useful, point-weapon, I think that you haven't thought of how the same could be said if it were an Uzi, or a Skorpion. Dunno, I just think killing zombies would be funner with something other than the PM-63.
  5. nice, i was about to make a topic about this. I chose the M60, AK47, M2, Uzi, and KS-23. The KS-23 because I think shotguns are underrated in this game. If you consider how many kills a shotgun can make compared to an assault rifle, it's not much (The Stakeout being an exception). So I say add the KS-23 to balance out the semi-auto to pump-action shotgun ratio. The Uzi, I think, should replace the PM-63. The M2 (with ammo) because it was a pretty unique weapon in a box full of lead-based ones, and it was just fun to use. The AK-47 because of how iconic it is, but have another assault rifle be replaced. The M60 because it's just...badass?
  6. you guys are forgetting the awful lawton. maybe theyre trying to have the crossbow serve a greater function.
  7. Wunderwaffe-style Claymores anyone? think about it.
  8. kuosis

    The PM-63

    The PM-63 has been in every Black Ops zombie map so far, but how many of you actually use it? To me it's just a redundant weapon that could be replaced with a more interesting weapon. I mean, we already have the Spectre, MPL, MP5k, and AK74u. Is there really room for another SMG? To give you a good idea, here's a list of all omitted weapons in zombies (from SP and MP): KS-23 Enfield AK-47 Skorpion Mac11 Uzi Kiparis M60 Stoner63 WA2000 PSG1 RPG Model 1887 Mosin-Nagant PPSh-41 MG42 Sten and honestly, i'd rather have any of these weapons than the PM-63. Even if another SMG was absolutely necessary, why not another SMG like the Skorpion or Uzi? or add all of them considering there's 7 assault rifles. or a new piece of equipment placed like C4.
  9. The Ks23! For some reason people underestimate shotguns in this game, and I blame it on the Spas. It's the worst weapon even while it's upgraded. But I voted for the PPSH, MG42, KS23, and definitely the AK47. I still wish the maps other than the WaW originals had WWII era weapons besides the MP40. I mean, they included their models and such in the game already, so why not?
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