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  1. Hey guys, I haven't been here for a while but I have made a quick video on how to get to some good rounds on Farm, constructive criticism is welcomed. I'm going to university right now and so the video is being uploaded and will be up at approximately 9:30 a.m GMT. Here
  2. Is it just me or does the focusing stone look like it has been shrunk again to fit inside the middle of the V device... As a side note... I have seen some people with only the focusing stone in their inventory as Richtofen why is this?
  3. Yes it is true, But it is activated after someone would get the one giant leap achievement.
  4. I think when both of the excavators come down (mpl and pm63/tunnel 6 and 11) it plays
  5. Avenged sevenfold Nightmare
  6. Here's my two cents on this: I (Sam) wants to find her light (either turn good and rid the world of zombies or as Gersch ascended in ascension as a light maybe Sam just wants to ascend and be freed as Gersch was). In the second line she is trying to hide her sight from the eyes who can see as she sees (The zombies as you mentioned) while she tries to fight (fight the zombies maybe?) She could only defeat them if they can't see as she sees. My nine eyes (Phase of spirituality, you have to go through all nine eyes to become god like, so maybe Sam is losing her power because of the zombies/ the blight) The actual spelling is "Wight" this is very particular because a wight is a "Living sentient being" (Remind you of anyone?). But it could be perceived that the Wight is a "white" knight in every sense that we perceive a "white" knight (A hero). So Sam actually needs a hero to help her now (Big bang theory? You get revenge as Takeo by helping Sam? Takeo is seen as noble and would be a valiant hero. Or maybe she needs Richtofen to be a Wight to help her be free...) "Who has been beyond the wall of death to see? Only the wights, and we know what they are like. We know." - George R. R. Martin, A Song of Ice and Fire series, Book IV A Feast for Crows Hope this made sense.. :lol:
  7. 100 GS... I was thinking about Sam/Gersch/Maxis as well but I could not think of a plausible explanation involved with them
  8. Big Bang Theory "In moon, gain sweet, sweet revenge": You finish the Richtofen easter egg but then there could be a buyable ending? But before you get to that the player who plays as Takeo has to do something to sabotage it all... Or before you get the Richtofen achievement done then one of the other players has to do something to kill Richtofen or make him fail in his main objective... Also with its name probably going to be a huge explosion which could link to the buyable ending??? What do you think?
  9. Ray gun Gersch Device Porter's X2 zap gun dual wield (Red zap gun yellow zap guns blue zap gun?) QED Regular guns Area 51 PaP Area 51 Dogs Area 51 Jug Phasing nova crawlers Random weapons drop (Related with Mule kick?) Anything else? Post what things I missed
  10. Is nobody noticing that the new perk is in the bottom left of that screen... Also that the space helmet is on his equipment, that shows that it isn't the spawn room or it is a room you can go back to...
  11. I would love to do the easter egg with you but I have my team set up with a mix and match of one person (Damn unreliable friends) It'd be good to trade some stuff on day one though. I'll be uploading the whole thing as soon as it is done. Xbox gamertag = The Can Cracker
  12. Dual wield dual Cz's? Or Mustang Sally? Or M72 anarchy? :twisted:
  13. I would say I prefer the DG-2 over the JGB but that is due to the fact that I prefer how cool the DG is and the chain lightning looks awesome, kicking baby zombies was fun for the first 2 games... But this is coming from someone who prefers the Cobra > Lamentation :p
  14. Does this thread even get looked at anymore? Do the groups even get updated now?
  15. Good plan but on Shangri-La it took a couple or few days to get the main easter egg completed by the first people to complete it... Unless you are talking about the small eggs such as music and the rocket monkeys . I do agree that when one person puts up an easter egg the whole forum gets flooded with the exact same thing shortly after...
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