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  1. At the moment no, but I'm interested in writing fanfics for a few fandoms I'm involved in sometime in the future. However, at the moment I'm too busy with other stuff and I don't feel comfortable in publishing my writing and making it public because I feel like I'm going to look back at them ina few years and find out that they're really bad.
  2. What kind of Supernatural fanfiction do you write, if you don't mind me asking?
  3. On one hand it spread Japans resources thinner and made it easier for the allies to attack and weakenen the Imperial Army. But on the other hand it affected the people in these occupied areas severely since the Japanese had a habit of killing, torturing and raping most of the people they came across. If I'm not mistaken the Japanese also used up the natural resources that belonged to the natives in order to keep their war machine going.
  4. I didn't really like Swedens song this year either but oh well. Atleast we won for the first time in like 13 years.
  5. That depends entirely on the severity of the inviduals actions.
  6. I'll probably buy it when I get the money for it but as of right now I'm out of cash.
  7. I personally believe that we should re-introduce the death penalty here in Sweden, but only for the worst of criminals and only if the prosecutor have definite proof that the accused actually commited the crime in question. I'd gladly see ABB hanged over in Norway as well. It would be a somewhat fitting punishment for such a monster, not to mention that it would save a lot of norweigan tax money which otherwise would have been used to tend for him.
  8. I just hope that the movie will stay true to the book and that they haven't it changed too much. However, from what I've seen from the trailers the movie actually looks pretty promising, but I'm still a tad bit worried that they'll ruin certain characters.
  9. The '' gas mask'' perk is actually one of the best third perks when it's upgraded since it basically makes you immune to all tactical grenades (excluding decoy) and when you use one yourself you'll see the direction of the player you threw it at.
  10. Didn't the terminal state that Nikolai,Takeo and Dempsey are to some extent immune to zombification?
  11. Dont forget the ''zomg Richtofen is a zombie!!!!''....
  12. The Gas Crawlers are Dr.Maxis failed experiments. If I remember correctly you can actually see the canisters the crawlers were inside of in the basement of Five if you look inside one of the barriers.
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