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  1. On one hand it spread Japans resources thinner and made it easier for the allies to attack and weakenen the Imperial Army. But on the other hand it affected the people in these occupied areas severely since the Japanese had a habit of killing, torturing and raping most of the people they came across. If I'm not mistaken the Japanese also used up the natural resources that belonged to the natives in order to keep their war machine going.
  2. That depends entirely on the severity of the inviduals actions.
  3. I personally believe that we should re-introduce the death penalty here in Sweden, but only for the worst of criminals and only if the prosecutor have definite proof that the accused actually commited the crime in question. I'd gladly see ABB hanged over in Norway as well. It would be a somewhat fitting punishment for such a monster, not to mention that it would save a lot of norweigan tax money which otherwise would have been used to tend for him.
  4. Wait just came to my mind, what if it's in the future and people that don't know about past events, mine the moon for it's resources, and turn due to massive over exposure. And the crew teleports in time to the moon and is stuck fighting off a ravenous horde of zombichz. Well, some of the concept art DO look kinda sci-fi.
  5. Keep in mind that the map might not be taking place in the past. It might as well take place in the future.
  6. Tbh,I was going for the ''badass'' look. Oh well.
  7. Oh well,I've got nothing to hide ;)
  8. Looks like you are on a mission, Great picture,. Thank you :)
  9. Finally found a working webcam =D

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