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  1. The '' gas mask'' perk is actually one of the best third perks when it's upgraded since it basically makes you immune to all tactical grenades (excluding decoy) and when you use one yourself you'll see the direction of the player you threw it at.
  2. Didn't the terminal state that Nikolai,Takeo and Dempsey are to some extent immune to zombification?
  3. Dont forget the ''zomg Richtofen is a zombie!!!!''....
  4. The Gas Crawlers are Dr.Maxis failed experiments. If I remember correctly you can actually see the canisters the crawlers were inside of in the basement of Five if you look inside one of the barriers.
  5. 9AFEis9pSKk 0:05-0:17 You can clearly hear Richtofen in the trailer.
  6. I think we should. That's the one thing I've always been confused about. The timeline. I know time travel is confusing, but still, we should at least have dates so that we could figure it out. I say it goes something like this. 1945 -Nacht Der Untoten (ipod, original, Black Ops remake, DLC remake) -Verruckt (ipod, original, Black Ops remake, DLC remake) -Shi No Numa (ipod, original, Black Ops remake, DLC remake) -Der Reise (ipod, original, Black Ops remake, DLC remake) 1957 (no evidence for the date-ask and I'll tell you the joke) -Shangri-La 1963 -Five and Ascension 1975 -Kino Der Toten 2011 -Call of the Dead It's like...there's more than one timeline. There's the one the world goes through, but our heroes just keep jumping around all over the place and I have NO idea whatsoever when Moon takes place. Yeah, the time travel unfortunately screws the timeline over.
  7. I was under the impression that iphone zombies is non-canon?
  8. They are from the loading screens.
  9. Wait just came to my mind, what if it's in the future and people that don't know about past events, mine the moon for it's resources, and turn due to massive over exposure. And the crew teleports in time to the moon and is stuck fighting off a ravenous horde of zombichz. Well, some of the concept art DO look kinda sci-fi.
  10. Keep in mind that the map might not be taking place in the past. It might as well take place in the future.
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