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  1. I think it is stil plausible to keep this open in this subforum though. Richtofen is bound to mess up eventually and whos to say the easter egg doesnt change him. He is however a playable character. well i should have phased it better: Richtofen might become a zombie :D
  2. No sorry im a bit further away i live in wales :lol:
  3. If any of you have noticed in Shangri-La nicholai says whilst using the baby gun "hey, look mini richtofens" Which means he thinks/knows Richtofen is a zombie? opinions please
  4. Thats my point with the time line due to the teleporters and everything if shangri la is before shi no numa he could be building it
  5. Could the wunderwaffe be what richtoffen is building :?:
  6. How about Richtofen travelled onto the future and saw what was going to happen (him dieing) So then he starts building something that will save him when he dies but he dosen't know the exact date he will die so it is a race against time to save him?part of the big easter egg maybe?
  7. joshdanielw

    DLC 4

    Can i just ask if there is definitely a DLC 4? thanks- josh :)
  8. Good find I doubt very much thats a coincedence although i have no idea how a fighter jet could have relavance to him but we'll see :D
  9. I do understand that but if it can not almost act like a 3rd weapon i see no point, just my view Well, without it certain weapons are almost unusable. I managed fine in kino without it :|
  10. Firstly, I already found 2 spots to get a vantage point in order to use flopper, One is right where the pack a punch machine is. Perfect spot. Second is right after you take the sled in the mine shaft. I'm sure there are plenty of others. Secondly, you do realize PHD flopper has other uses other than dolphin diving to make an explosion. It can be used to not hurt yourself with explosive weapons. I rarely use it for diving anyways. It's key for Mustang and Sally and Scavenger and even ray gun. If anything it would make MORE sense to have it due to the tightness of the map so you won't kill your
  11. It just seems totally different from the image the map potrays in my opinion :)
  12. I do understand that but if it can not almost act like a 3rd weapon i see no point, just my view :)
  13. Ye that would be cool The one thing i hope the easter egg does not include though is needing a lot of weapons etc..(such as in ascension where you needed zeus cannon ray guns, geurch device, dolls etc...) excuse my spelling of geurch i dont know how to spell i :lol:
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