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  1. dunno if this means anything at all let alone yet. but is it me or do "Bitly" (Ofsjy) and "Yourkidney" are underlined. plus yourkidney is all one word. just throwing it out there. LOL Cheeze you beat me to it.
  2. This is what I could get from the video. Sqeb, jtcdsjy, Ie/ckn-y, De, v t/l u/(Mu), isho?, ymt, fl/i, b, otsj?y, --, ymtqhl/iey, y?n?, ymt, imls. letters either side of a (/) mean that its oen or the other for that character. the letters in brackets (Mu) is the greek letter I refer to, I say this, because the flick on the U is the wrong way, which is Mu. A question mark after the letter means that im not sure. commas are used to seperate the words. the (-) are used because I simply don't know. I hope you understand what I've done, and hopefully someone can build on it. I do think YMT means the, its used twice...
  3. I believe that white chalky thing on the picture to just be light from an external source, I.E a window letting in light. If you sit on Call of duty.com and just watch it faze in and out (small thumbnail) you can see the pic quite clearly, even make out that the bloke is wearing a light blueish shirt that is quite high on the bloke, which to me, paired with the bracelet on the left, he is some sort of guest, Recovering guest, hospitalised guest, mental patient. I believe its a very simple uninportant picture of something very important.
  4. At 7:50 there is a very similar item to the one hanging on the wall, is this what you guys are thinking it is.
  5. I can see how you would deny the KARD, but I do feel it looks more similar than the others, It has both the top and bottom rail, plus the protruding barrel is more substantial than the other two suggested, as well as the screw just next to the end of the trigger guard. Granted the trigger guard is completely diffent plus the design is very plain on the KARD compared to the poster. Maybe becuase its not a "real" gun that we could be dealing with. Im gonna keep looking though, thanks for the input.
  6. http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/File:GRFS-Kard.jpg This is the one im on about, I know they are exactly very identical, but its more of the similarities, Ive not come across any other pistol that has bared any resemblance.
  7. I dont know if anyone ha smentioned this but I think I know what pistol this is: http://www.examiner.com/sites/default/files/styles/large_lightbox/hash/1335672173_cod-blackops-2-poster.jpg Just a minute or so ago, I was on GRFS messing around in the Firing range and then I realized when switching to my sidearm it looked familiar. I think it is KARD by Kriss. The one on the CoD poster looks very similar to the one in GRFS. although a quick google search and it doesnt. The main similarities are the ending of the barrel. just a little comes out of the manin body of the gun, also theres a little sticky out bit, which I assume is some sort of screw, just after the trigger guard. Not only that but the grill on top and bottom of the pistol is on both the poster and GRFS game. I think I am right. I however cannot obtain any pictures of the GRFS version, this one is the best version of closeness to the CoD version. This is the best I've found so far. notice the same stockyness and protruding screw, and barrel. So does this confirm it will be some form of modern/future warfare? I will try to find a GRFS pic as well, because that has the grill on top and bottom.
  8. In The Rock film 1996, Sean Connery plays a Scottish SAS soldier, who I believe Price is based upon. His name in the film however is Mason. Now this could be a coincidence. I think not, price looks like him, his name is mason, not Alex but surname is Mason nonetheless, the shower room in "prisoner 627, MW2 in the Gulag" is the same one as in The Rock. But the "killer" in my eyes that IW and Treyarch watched it is the fact Mason was banged away for 30 years by the FBI because he knew EVERYTHING about the US Government and truths on the conspiracies, the two mentioned in the film are the Aliens at Roswell, and Mason knew who killed JFK. at the end of the film he tells Nicolas cage's character to go somewhere, he does and finds an old roll of Photographs undeveloped showing who killed JFK. Now Im hoping for the sake of an entertaining and amazing storyline that we do go to the 70/80/90's. Because if we start off at '78 in Johannesburg I think we could be looking at the SAS again with Johnathan Price, in the last bit of intel given, Ryan Jackson asks permission to go alone with the SAS to "burn" Mason. He mentions a very young Johnathan ------. Which to me indicates its Price, if this is so, I don't think they will go out to kill Mason etc. because we know Price is still alive as of 2017 (MW3). What makes me suspicious that they arent going out to kill them is that Ryan Jackson wants to go alone. Why would a CIA agent want to go field operative to kill 3 "dangerous" people, despite having SAS, why? The only thing that makes me unsure of the 70-90's theory is all these pictures and sound we are getting, I just hope all this "future" stuff means we either time travel or its prototypes like some stuff in BO. G11 and L96 for instance.
  9. FFS its not a gun! The Greatest minds behind warfare would attach two weapons meant for presumably the best the millitary have (SAS, Seals, MF1 etc.) USING A STEEL/IRON GATE! Get it out of your heads, its not a gun. Plus like Ive said across these posts. Why now all of sudden is Call of Duty catering for Left handed weapons! ALSO! His forefinger looks very very square! ITS NOT A GUN! Actually look at the picture.
  10. Look, Im sorry to say this. ITS NOT A GUN!!! For christ sakes, when have you ever seen any attachment to a gun with an Iron gate! Not even a hundred years ago would they, and they certainly arent going to in the future! Plus WHEN has a CoD game ever have the player using his/her gun lefthanded! They are not going to reverse the picture either, plus have you seen the "fingers", pretty square fore-finger don't you think?
  11. To end this "gun" theory. Dispite people saying its not a gun believe me, I still thought well, we don't know the whole storyline or setting so it could be. NO When in the Call of Duty series has someone held a gun left handed? And I hardly think they are going to do it now or that thye have reversed the picture. Its not a gun.
  12. The word Tacitus means Unspoken. In other words Secret or not said. So Black operations etc. Stuff that doesnt exist etc. My theory is though, that anyone to do with TACITUS like FPS or CoD, capitalize it. So im assuming its an organisation in the form of an Acronym. T A C I T U S From what I can guess, ive tried rattling my brains for reasonable answers, but I cant. I believe its United States, which ends it. Intelligence? for I. maybe a Terror fitted in. But I do think this is waht TACITUS is about. I don't think you would name a manufacturing company TACITUS unless it's a behind doors. I.E. combating Aliens or Zombies, or the unknown.
  13. Im thinking 2003, cos of the timer stopping at 20:03. But it just doesnt fit into any other stuff we have been given. I have just had a thought, Its a GPS thing with BOIZY and WQZOH! BOIZY: 2, 15, 9, 26, 25 WQZOH: 23, 17, 26, 15, 8 Thtas just their corresponding numbers to letters. I.E B=2 c=3. Some one try this?
  14. Are we gonna be taken to Roswell? If so, IW/Treyarch are rubbish at making original ideas. First copy Sean Connery from "The Rock" for Price. Then Connery's character is called Mason. Not only is that a nice coincidence, Mason happens to know everything about the American secrets like UFO and Aliens at Roswell. Plus you are lead on to believe that He killed JFK. Well Mason definitely knows who did. But the film never tells you. To cap it all off, during the film theres a scene where everyone fights in the same shower room as you breach in MW2 just before you find Cpt. Price. Im not saying the campaign and storyline are bad, I've loved Treyarch's storyline; CoD3, WAW, BO (apart from ending). Im just saying, bit poor that some Major stuff is from one Film.
  15. Notice how the recording stops at 20:03. Meaning the future is actually in the past?
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