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  1. I believe that white chalky thing on the picture to just be light from an external source, I.E a window letting in light. If you sit on Call of duty.com and just watch it faze in and out (small thumbnail) you can see the pic quite clearly, even make out that the bloke is wearing a light blueish shirt that is quite high on the bloke, which to me, paired with the bracelet on the left, he is some sort of guest, Recovering guest, hospitalised guest, mental patient. I believe its a very simple uninportant picture of something very important.
  2. At 7:50 there is a very similar item to the one hanging on the wall, is this what you guys are thinking it is.
  3. FFS its not a gun! The Greatest minds behind warfare would attach two weapons meant for presumably the best the millitary have (SAS, Seals, MF1 etc.) USING A STEEL/IRON GATE! Get it out of your heads, its not a gun. Plus like Ive said across these posts. Why now all of sudden is Call of Duty catering for Left handed weapons! ALSO! His forefinger looks very very square! ITS NOT A GUN! Actually look at the picture.
  4. To end this "gun" theory. Dispite people saying its not a gun believe me, I still thought well, we don't know the whole storyline or setting so it could be. NO When in the Call of Duty series has someone held a gun left handed? And I hardly think they are going to do it now or that thye have reversed the picture. Its not a gun.
  5. Im thinking 2003, cos of the timer stopping at 20:03. But it just doesnt fit into any other stuff we have been given. I have just had a thought, Its a GPS thing with BOIZY and WQZOH! BOIZY: 2, 15, 9, 26, 25 WQZOH: 23, 17, 26, 15, 8 Thtas just their corresponding numbers to letters. I.E B=2 c=3. Some one try this?
  6. Whipidhinio

    Numbers code discussion.

    If this helps I have the codes deciphered into letters and numbers seperately. Using the Vignere Cypher. DEIEJCGECHBCHJFGDHB = 3 4849264271272956371=34.849C64,-271.272956371 DEIEEFGCCEECHBBGGCDB=34844562244271166231=34.84E56C,-C4E.271B662D1 DEDEEHGBAFCCFDBAGFEB=34344761052283106541=34.34E76B,-AFC.2FD106541 DEDEGGGACBECICHCGIDB=34346660214282726831=34.D46660,-CBE.28C7C68D1 DEDEEBGEAJICIHIIGACB=34344164098267886021=34.D4416E,-A98.287886AC1 I hope someone cleverer than me can come along and take advantage of this
  7. Whipidhinio

    Tacitus' Double Meaning & How It Relates To Moon

    Im not really deep in the knowledge of the Zombies storyline, I have played since the very beginning, but never knew too much about the background with Richtofen etc. However could someone confirm wether or not the Zombies are confined to the moon? I got the impression that when you did the Moon easter egg by blowing up Earth's atmosphere that the zombies were wiped off the Earth? If that is true would that help your moon theory or not?

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