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  1. Round 33 Splitscreen, we died because my friend had to go. Strangely George dissapeared, later we found out he wouldn't move from the bottom of the Ice Slide... Has anyone had this problem?
  2. I distracted Abooooout 250 something zombies away from A Huuuuge Weapon/Ammo/Medical Supply Cache... If anyone could maybe get a van to pick it up I'm sure it would help.
  3. What kind of racist bastard are you!? :shock: Lolololololol :lol:
  5. Why would anyone hate Snipers? They are the *Best part of a MP game. Because that first shot that doesn't kill you is the funnest, then comes the jumping round like a maniac to avoid the next one. Srsly Snipers, I have Respect for you guys, when everyone in the whole goddamn map rush to knife you, you still have the balls to stick around. I bow to you.
  6. I would like to apply for The Distraction job. When you're reloading you're gonna need a Distraction. And I would like to donate some Ice-Cream to the cause.
  7. Does anyone miss the old-school trailers? I mean Ascension didn't have the same effect as Der Riese, Shi No Numa and Verruckt. I personally think that Treyarch should revert to their previous style of Badass Trailer Making. But I want YOUR opinion. Thank you for spending the time to actually READ this post.
  8. Of course EVERYONE still plays [email protected], I got hooked again just by watching the SNN trailer. Ahhhhhh Pure awesomnessness

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