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  1. Ah that seemed to clear it up, tried it again online and it worked. Seemed that the previous times I was the only one not seeing it. Solo: Haven't tried yet but now that I have seen her face/teddy I can rest peacefully. Thanks.
  2. We have done that damn EE so many times and Sam just doesn't appear! Is this a glitch? Or do you have to do the steps in a sequence? It may just be a visual thing but I'm getting angweeeee. At her. For not appearing. Once. Offline/Online it did not work. Suggestions please.
  3. There HAS to be A BO2 Because being left with a cliffhanger like this? Pfffft why would they give up their most lucrative game? But I think *hope* that there will be a new storyline. Zombies can continue with Sam In the Doc's bod, and maybe they'll finally defeat the crazy fruit-loop called Edward.Just not Cullen...
  4. Bah. VR-11 is useful ONLY when PaP'd. Because when you shoot a player he becomes invincible for 12 seconds and by then he gets raped from all sides. Off topic: I prefer Gersch to monkeys. Monkeys Round 15> Kills nothing, blows off a few arms that's all.
  5. There are countless glitches in CotD. 3p I was running for Jugs when I saw the other two guys sitting there. One was prone and the other one was crouching. I disregarded it as idiocy when the next round I saw 10 Zombies just looking at them. Basically at the ship's meteor outside where the barrels and boxes are one of them downs himself and the other revives him. Mofo's were invincible. I got pissed, stabbed George ran to them so they got blocked. They promptly shouted profanity's and left.
  6. Zombies spawn in some places out of water. Also we constantly heard the Zipline although nobody was on it.
  7. I totally prefer George to Monkeys. Those Sneaky bastards are hard to shoot, you need a explosive weapon to kill them. George is kinda easy to dispose of though we just piss him off shoot him a few times with the Vr-11 and run like rabbits for the Ice-Slide. Then he seems to be stuck. Dunno why.
  8. Round 33 Splitscreen, we died because my friend had to go. Strangely George dissapeared, later we found out he wouldn't move from the bottom of the Ice Slide... Has anyone had this problem?
  9. I always get the Scavenger 1-3 try, my friend hates me for it. But has anyone noticed that you almost never get a Ray Gun in CotD?
  10. That would be so Awesome it would be outlawed in 63 countries. But sadly I think not
  11. Maybe the focusing stone is one of those needed components of the MDT, so that the Doc can go to a SPECIFIC time period? Maybe to kill Maxis? To become King Of The AETHER??
  12. Maybe the crew came back from Shangr-La because the Doc forgot his ummm "Long, Stiff, Hard golden Rod"? Kinda weird saying that out loud.
  13. Monkeys. They may not kill you but when you wasted you're last clip, and they just stole Max Ammo... You are screwed through the ears twice.
  14. I *ONLY play with explosive weapons, so I would basically be screwed without Flopper, but I hope that Treyarch would realise that without P.h.D Flopper nearly everyone will /RAGEQUIT after they get downed by their own stuff. Just a thought maybe the Flopper could protect you from those Napalm/Exploding Suns a beetches. :shock:
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