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  1. Well I was more or less kidding with my original post, but I do think that aliens will inevitably have some involvement in the storyline. :P
  2. He could teleport or use a Vril or 115 powered spacecraft? lol.
  3. The energy from the teleporter brakes the roof. There is no giant beast. Yet...
  4. I had the same theory. It is debated by some that the Moon landing was staged by NASA. What if this map takes place in the area where the landing is being faked?
  5. The astronaut that steals your perk and returns you to the starting point.
  6. Well Call of the Dead happened, so that means that our heros eventually figure something out. Or time travel? Probably time travel.
  7. Where the US is supposedly faking the moon landing? like its a film set and the characters dont actually go to the moon?
  8. It makes a man noise, so what? Suck it up.
  9. Actually message JLOS377 because I will be playing on my brother's account.
  10. Please respond because I cannot seem to find any decent players using the Random search. Please message me: CaptainIrony
  11. Oh, in that case there will probably not be Freddy claws.
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