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  1. When I enter a random lobby, I mostly either get told to back out because I'm obviously either a glitcher or I'm going to quit early (I don't use my mic with randoms so I suppose that doesn't help, but that has zero effect on my ability to help the team), or I get loads of friend requests, followed by game invites before even getting into a game. The requests and invites are fine, I can ignore those and then add later if they play reasonably well and don't quit themselves. But unfortunatly I can see why they don't want me to join, most (at least 90%) of the shotgun players I find in public games are exactly like mmx describes, and there is nothing to distinguish me from them. I don't particularly want to rank down, but if it happens I don't care, it's only a game and I can always try and get them back with a few solo games anyway. Lobby leaderboards would have maybe gone a partway to solve this problem, but we aren't ever getting them again.
  2. When you go into afterlife to grab the wardens key, does anyone else have a problem levitating into the portal? Sometimes I can spend the whole time I get in afterlife just jumping and failing, and finally make it with seconds to go, which is annoying because then I have to use another afterlife to power up other things in the area. I'm obviously doing something wrong, but I don't know what I'm doing differently when I do finally get in. Has anyone else encountered this, and is there a technique that I'm missing?
  3. only time my K/D ever takes much of a hit is playing drunk grief which i do from time to time. But those saying knives is "easy" maybe if you have the time to play 12 hours a day and amass those amounts of kills to offset downs, but for those of us grownups who have lives, its not so "Easy". Once it was determined that k/d had an affect on rank i tried to limit downs, not get perma QR not get perma jug etc. ive raised my kd from in the 40s to around 90 but still no knives. and now with almost 1200 downs, i would have to play literally for days without going down once to raise it to 100. so quit with the knives is "easy" bulls***, i have had skull since the week the game came out. round 66 on mob solo with multiple runs in the 50s and 30s coop and same with die rise. the fact of the matter is, I've learned you absolutely can gain no knowledge of a players skill by their rank emblem. the two seem to be completely unrelated after 6 months or so of experience To be fair I honestly thought that a k/d of around 90 would be a knife rank, I originally got the knife when mine was less than that. I have several friends who still have knifes now with a lower k/d than you. If you don't get the knife rank soon I would be surprised. I understand that if you got loads of downs early on it won't be easy to recover from, and I'm not saying it would be easy for me to achieve if I had that many downs. I am an adult as well and I don't always have the time to play COD just to boost my kills. But the point I was trying to make is that even when I was getting 43 downs in a game with around 260 kills (still my accounts highest co op on nuketown) I still ranked up to the knife pretty quickly. If you are getting round 50's then, assuming you are playing solo you must be getting around 3k kills a game, that would push up your kd by around 2.5 each time providing you aren't going down. I can see how that would take a while to get your k/d up but you can't be far away from the knife now. As for rank relating to skill, I'm not sure if i agree with you there or not. While I have friends with knifes and some with just skulls who can out perform me with shotguns, i'd say at least 80-90% of the skull ranks I meet in public lobbies are just ok players. Average at best. Whereas knife players are often as good as or better than myself. Anyone who has shotguns but refuses to work as a team, or even refuse to stay in a lobby with lower ranked players is a dick and doesn't deserve them in the first place. I would rather die on a low round trying to revive 3 1-bone players and rank down than just look at the menu jumping out of lobbies for 4 hours :roll:
  4. I would add a Hard difficulty to Custom Matches, where all the zombies from round 1 onwards are sprinters (pretty much the opposite to Easy) and possibly even remove all barriers. I know you can start games on a higher round for a similar effect, but that is offset by the points you start with. Plus, you can't start on a higher round for the story maps anyway.
  5. I have to agree that the knife is very easy to get. I've had my stats reset twice, and earned the knife emblem 3 times. The longest it took me was just over a week, and that was when the game first came out, and I was getting as many as 43 downs in one game at one point(technically that was someone else playing on my ID, but they still count as my downs) Last time it took me 5 days, my stats were reset the day before I got Die Rise so I was getting loads of early downs then as well. I am a good zombie player, and a good team player, but I am far, FAR from being amazing at zombies. I am shit without juggernog, for example. I've only seen round 30 twice on public games. But my point is, if I can earn the knife in a few weeks, then any decent player should have already earned it 6 months after the game came out. I understand that some people like playing challenges, and playing grief games with no magic your k/d is bound to take a hit. But it would seem to me like the rank should be based on the whole zombie mode, not just the easier games. In which case you should be playing every part of zombies, regular solo/public, grief, as well as the more difficult custom games. And if you do that, getting a decent KD and/or rank should be no problem. I admit though that I avoid turned, I know it's pathetic to avoid a game mode to preserve rank but I have played it a few times on another account, and didn't really enjoy it so I know I'm not missing out.
  6. I have the shotgun rank, and even I can't get into a game with other players with shotguns. I see them occasionally in the lobby, but they either back out after about 5-10 seconds or they quit before the game has even started. I don't understand the point, I prefer to play with lower rank players now because they are sometimes surprisingly good and are less likely to rage quit, as they have nothing to lose, or if they are bad then I can get a load of revives! Plus it's much more fun reaching round 18+ with weaker players than it is to train constantly for 30+ rounds. By the time I get to 25 on multiplayer I'm bored anyway so once I reach that I am just waiting for everyone to die so I can end the game.
  7. I was playing tranzit again earlier and this time, I took the bus and I had issues rebuilding as well. In fact, the whole game was glitchy as hell. I had issues hitting the box again, I heard the sound of the electro dude being killed while i was running through the fog (I was on solo so god knows what triggered that!) and the Porters X2 Ray Gun looked exactly like the standard ray gun after I switched from it. I mainly play Tranzit now cos the glitches in Die Rise annoy me, but it seems they are slowly coming into tranzit as well. At least none of these were game breaking I suppose.
  8. I haven't noticed this, but today I struggled to use the box when it was at the depot. It only seemed to work when I approached it from the right, and was facing left? On two seperate games I struggled hitting it and ended up losing two guns because I didn't take them out on time. Don't know if this was just me and if it is related to what happened to you on the bus?
  9. I never buy it in solo either, and that was a big factor in how I ranked up. If i didnt keep going for round 40 or 50 in solo I would have been on the knife forever. I must admit, I did play a couple of split screen games with a dummy 2nd account just to boost my revives, over 100 each time and both times my rank didn't change. Plus my k/d to get shotguns was higher this time then it was before my stats were reset, yet I got the knife at a lower k/d! So, essentially I don't have a clue! I might try ranking up the dummy 2nd account - it has like 4500 kills and over 500 downs - it will probably take a LOONNGG time but as there is nothing to aim for after getting shotguns other than not losing them I may as well give it a go.
  10. I'm still not sure about revives, when I got the knife in the past it was after a public match where I only got around 60-ish kills (I can't remember the number but it is in this thread somewhere) but I got 5 revives. My k/d took a sizable dip (it was one of my first non solo games after a great start like you) but I still ranked up. Maybe it depends on what games you play, as for instance if there were 2 equally great players, who always play at the same time but one only played solo and the other only public matches, you would expect the solo player to have a much higher k/d, but fewer/no revives. Would that be fair on the player who only plays with randoms, getting loads of revives then dying at an early round because of their teammates lack of skill, to be ranked lower than a player who has full control of the game, access to any weapon and ability to pause when needed? I think part of the ranking criteria is dependant on what games you play, and if you play a lot of solo,then revives wouldn't count as much (if at all, seeing as getting revives in solo only come after a down anyway.)
  11. I finally got the shotguns back today, after a solo game of Die Rise round 53 with 3 downs. I've been raising my KD gradually after getting loads of downs when Die Rise first came out, I passed 200 a few weeks ago but that didn't do anything this time. Although I played a few public games, I played far more solo than last time. I also lost my blue eyes for the first time in months, a few days ago after taking a couple of days away from the ps3. The funny thing is, although I was attempting to reach a high round of Die Rise it took me 4/5 attempts to get past round 5 , I was trying for as many knife kills as I could early on and I kept failing. I had perma jug at the beginning of that game, which helped but I didn't get it on purpose! My stats after ranking up: 46792 kills 136704 bullets 190 downs (246 k/d) 433 revives 1228 grenade 8688 headshot 120 death 48092 gib 410 perk 484 door 303212 / 2.22 hit 579 mile
  12. Pretty much the same with me. Sure, there is the odd time the game will crash, or I get severe lag playing online which kills me. But most of my downs are easily avoidable, yet I don't seem to avoid them. I could easily reach round 50+ regularly on solo, but I never have yet because at some point in my game I will get cornered or fall off a building by making a simple mistake. So frustrating.
  13. Aha then that is probably why! Cheers for that :)
  14. After you insert the card, on subsequent games if you pick up another card does it let you insert it again? Maybe someone else has inserted a card and therefore I can't put mine in? I can't check my 2nd account at the moment but maybe someone on here knows perhaps?
  15. No, and it doesn't say Parts Required either. I've tried walking up to it with either Navcard and I don't get a prompt at all. I didn't build the table myself, but it's always there even when I play solo. I did the Tranzit EE on split screen w/ 2 controllers, and the account that I used as the 2nd player gets the prompt with either card in hand. But all my stats got reset on my main account, so for in game purposes it appears that I haven't done the EE. Other than that, the only difference is I built the table myself on my second account.
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