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  1. They get my love. Zombies is another one of those crazy fun games i can play all day.
  2. I somewhat like this plot twist. ._.
  3. I love'em both, despite the flaws. >_>
  4. 57r!k3r


    Sometimes I fear I'm turning into one myself. I'd rather turn into a zombie. Anyway, It's nice to meet you, and thank you. I like your sig.
  5. I have yet to play BC2, so i cant say anything. the ipod version really sucked though. >_>
  6. yeah, i'm not too interested in camping unless im in the mood to set a high score. :/ I'd rather be running around spending ammunition and slaying some zombies.
  7. weird more than creepy. I dont think they do it on purpose, though. but now im curious what "thank you satan" is backwards.
  8. I like the idea about more people in zombies. likie, a HUGE map, all perks, all guns on the wall ect. 8 players, infinite zombeez. (let's not forget those cute pooches, too.) that would be an epic map IMHO.
  9. It's an interesting idea. it'd be neat if the goal for that map was to set her free from her realm, or whatever. (while surviving endless zombies, ect.)
  10. i need a 360. i assume thats the most popular system to buy CoD on? thanks for the leaked pic, sir.
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