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    Treyarch killed off nazi zombies

    At above. Plants versus zombies? SERISOUSLY? Dont get me wrong the game owns but thats kinda stupid. Isaac from dead space. The stroyline is existing in the 1900s idiot. Another thing, Why would he come down to earth anyway? Hes fine screwing necros in space. Resident evil stuff. Well wow you still play that crap? Good luck bro. Deadrising: Once again treyarch is keeping the game realilistic. Dont rant because you dont have the characters like Nikolai. The story will still continue in-game, This isnt like 5 it will have more depth.
  2. Dayshadow26

    The entire zombies storyline

    (Please excuse any errors here as this was written as ascension came out) [Posted here for lack of activity on other forums] This is a post unlike no other. Sure, no one can be 100% right in trying to decode this mass puzzle of clues, hints, and secrets, but in my opinion, and I hope soon yours, this is the closest thing to the truth. In this, you will find an overwhelming amount of info, collected over a period of almost 3 years. Because of this, I can expect you to not read the whole thing, I understand. I have broken this down into many different, organized sections. Use these to search through this post, but even though you don't "Have" to read through the whole thing, I will appreciate it more than you understand. After you are finished, please, PLEASE leave a comment. I need to know what you think of this, and if I made any mistakes or left some stuff out. This post will give you everything you need to know on the zombie storyline, and more, so feel free to discuss what I have written, and make sure you don't flame, troll, or spam. Enjoy, and feel free to spread this around to anything you want. The more the merrier, and I want EVERYONE interested in the zombie storyline to see this. Just give due credit, and I will be perfectly ok with you using any of my info that you have never heard of before. I don't want you to think I found ALL of this, trust me, I didn't. This is simply a compilation. Alright, enough chit-chat, here is the table of contents: TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. THE BEGINNING 2. ELEMENT 115 3. VERRUCKT 4. THE SHI NO NUMA TRADGEDY 5. THE CONTROL OF THE ZOMBIES 6. NOVA-6 AND THE MASTER PLAN 7. ASCENSION 8. THE DOWNFALL OF DER RIESE 9. THE ILLUMINATTI 10. SECOND - DIMENSIONAL EARTH 11. EDIT #1 - THE LADY THAT SAYS "ASCENSION" IN THE START OF THE GAME 12. EDIT #2 - DER RIESE AND TIME TRAVEL 13. EDIT #3 - CONFIRMED LOCATIONS OF ELEMENT 115 14. EDIT #4 - COSMIC SILVERBACK RUNNING AROUND ON ASCENSION 15. EDIT #5 - AETHER 16. EDIT #6 - MYSTERY MAN EASTER-EGG STEPS 17. EDIT #7 - THE PENTAGON THIEF IDENTITY 18. EDIT #8 - WHAT CCCP STANDS FOR NAZI ZOMBIES: 1. THE BEGINNING It all started when Die Glocke, or The Bell, was made by the Nazis, reverse engineered from some sort of alien ship with crazy advanced technology on it. The Nazis took it to a location only known as Der Riese. Out of curiosity, a super top-secret group was formed, Group 935, to experiment and find out what this hunk of metal could actually do. Well, they took it apart, analyzed all of the components and stuff, and realized that the pieces were still functional, but needed a power source. 2. ELEMENT 115 An American spy by the name of Peter and his team of scientists found a huge glowing rock in the middle of a forest near an outpost in Japan named Shi No Numa. Peter supposedly worked for a secret American organization named Majestic 12. They then took pieces off it to do their own studies in the Pentagon and in Area 51. Peter and his team then fled to a secret abandoned Nazi research center (more on that later.) A Nazi scientist by the name of Edward Richtofen, which worked for 935, also took bits and pieces off of it and found out that this was Element 115, an extremely unstable element, that not only could power The Bell, but could also reanimate dead cells. What this means is that it could pretty much bring a dead person back to life. Richtofen then followed them. 3. VERRUCKT Witteneau Sanatorium, or Verruckt. This is where They happened to travel to. Finding Richtofen there, Peter then sent a distress signal to Majestic 12, which sent a group of marines in to extract them. One of the soldiers was Tank Dempsey, a war hero and brave soldier. After finding no one was there, the squad all went crazy and eventually died. In the terminal, it says that one of the soldiers was writing poems about death and zombies, writing Illuminati (more on that later) symbols and dates all over the walls. Dempsey, which was the only survivor of his squad, happened to meet Richtofen there. Richtofen, knowing that the lone soldier now knows all these secrets, captured him, and took him back to Der Riese to experiment on him and try out 115's powers and uses. 4. THE SHI NO NUMA TRADGEDY Peter and his team had had actually completely gone back to Shi No Numa to have a more abundant supply of the element. Sadly, he is CONFIRMED to be the hanging man in Shi No Numa in the vbush file, so you pretty much already know his out come. Now, this is where it gets confusing. While the scientists at Der Riese were testing out new products like the Ray Gun, Wonderwaffe DG-2, and Perk-a- Cola Machines, Shi No Numa, was going to hell. From this point on in this section, it will be purely theories. At Shi No Numa, Peter and the rest of the scientists were working hard to discover the uses of this element. Richtofen at Der Riese figured that Peter had traveled back to Shi No Numa for research, so he informed his Japanese allies that there was an American base out in the middle of the forest, and he gave the coordinates. A team of Japanese soldiers were then sent in to parachute over the base and drop in at night. While the team slept, the Japanese parachuted in (parachutes in the rafters, remember?) and shot and killed everyone except Peter. You can tell they shot and killed them because there are beds with huge blood stains on the wall near each pillow, so they just put them out nice and quietly. They then tried to grab Peter, but he took out his pistol and shot one of them, so they cut off his hand (hence the overturned green bed with huge blood stains and a bloody hand print on it. If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's in the very beginning of the Shi No Numa trailer.) They then dragged him upstairs, stood on a barrel, and hung him. How do I get so detailed? Well, if you follow the giant blood trail leading from the bed, past the mystery box, up the stairs, and to the barrels stacked in the corner, it looks like they used that to hang him. I believe the blood is from his cut off hand. The Japanese then found the 115, and accidentally exposed it to the dead Jap he shot. The now-zombified soldier bit one, which got exposed, which bit more, etc. etc. Zombified swamp. 5. THE CONTROL OF THE ZOMBIES While all that was happening, 935 was still trying to find out how to control these mindless things so that they could release them into battle and just wipe out a whole army without any German-army casualties. They then found out that brainwashing was an effective way to control them. They then needed a place to brainwash them in. So they used a local movie theater named Kino der Toten. The projector would show images and the zombies would then just stare at those for weeks and weeks, learning to do whatever the projector tells them to do. This then was almost ready to be perfected, so they needed a plan to literally wipe out an entire mass of people in seconds without destroying their cells because if the cells were destroyed, the 115 wouldn't bring those parts of their body back to life. 6. NOVA-6 AND THE MASTER PLAN They then created a biochemical weapon called NOVA-6. This would kill people quickly, with an only downside of their eyes getting destroyed. This is why the NOVA-crawlers have no eyes. This does not mean that they created the NOVA-crawlers on purpose though, they were failed experiments of who knows what. Everything has led up to this moment. Hundreds of years of planning, breakthroughs, setbacks, wins and losses, but now is the time, now they could unleash finally unleash hell on not only the Allies, but the entire world. They would first carpet an entire area in NOVA-6, (possibly using the rocket in Ascension???) Then they would expose a huge number of 115 to that area, turning all of the dead people into zombies. Then they would brainwash them into killing the Allies, and eventually release them into battle just obliterating the opposing force with Ray Guns, Thunderguns, Wonderwaffes, (any other wonder-weapons they put in the game,) and a huge, unstoppable horde of zombies. The plan would have been in full effect, only if something didn't screw up their plans. What was that something? I guess we're just going to have to wait and find out... 7. ASCENSION Ascension goes SUPER deep into the storyline. First off, lets get this straight. This IS a fact, not speculation. THIS IS IN THE BLACK OPS TERMINAL!! There IS, and I say IS, 115 on the moon. THAT IS A FACT THAT MOST PEOPLE DON'T BELIEVE, BUT THERE IS 115 ON THE MOON!! Ok, now that that is sorted out, we can continue. Even though the Ascension Group and Group 935 worked together on NOVA-6, they each had their own separate plans for world domination. Group 935's plans were explained up top, but now they are explaining the Russian side of the deniable operations. The CCCP were truly behind everything. They went to the moon using the rockets, and mined 115 from it. On there, I even believe they built colonies, and have a whole base up there, making things like black hole bombs and even, I believe, a gateway to Aether. Aether is a whole dimension in between life and death. Samantha, Dr. Maxis, and the new Doctor from Ascension, Gersche, are all stuck in here. Maxis's location is currently unknown, but Gersche is known to be in Ascension, and to have contacted the team trying to get them to help him, thus making the Mystery Man easter egg. This easter egg has more importance that you think. When you free him, he rises up into space, or maybe to the possible gateway on the moon... Also, they made a play on words for the title when you finally free him... he is "Ascending" to the moon, which just HAS to be the next map, I will bet ANYBODY that the moon is the next map. Anyways, Samantha got mad that he has escaped, and that is why the whole screen turns black and white. Back to the actual story though, some scientists found out a way to make a singularity, and made it possible for black holes to form. In the Nacht Der Untoten loading screen, you see a man from the 50's walk through a spiraling object (blackhole) and go back in time, giving the old Nazi-future-allies information and technology from the future, in the past, causing an alternate reality where the CCCP and the Nazis in the 40's and 50's are super advanced allowing them to create all these weapons with the technology they found from the Bell. Now, since they are so advanced, it was obvious that they needed a source of 115 to power all this stuff, and that is where the moon comes in. Now, if they were so advanced, why did their plan of total world domination fail? That is where our heroes come in. If you listen to Richtofen in a Shi No Numa radio, he says that the wonderwaffe caused an over-dose of power BACKTRACKING them to the FUTURE. What? This is how they managed to get to the alternate-reality future and where they can now travel backwards in time in the alternate-reality past where the Russian scientist guy gave them advanced stuff, not the real reality where everything went normal, do you see where I'm getting at? This whole story centers along that one guy going back in time creating a whole new reality of advanced super powers. I bet the zombie story ends when the team goes to the place where the guy went back in time, stopped him from time traveling, and created a paradox where that reality no longer existed, so they traveled back to the REAL reality where everything is real-life today. WOW THAT WAS A MOUTHFUL. I know this is EXTREMELY confusing, but if you guys do somehow understand this, please explain it better than I did. 8. THE DOWNFALL OF DER RIESE Dr. Ludwig Maxis, the leader of Group 935 and the head scientist at Der Riese, had a very jealous assistant. Can you guess who it was? It was none other than Mr. Edward Richtofen himself. Before ALL of this ever happened... Before Verruckt, and Shi No Numa, and Kino and Ascension, the origin of the whole entire zombie storyline is based around this one moment, a moment that not only changed their lives but changed the lives of every human on this planet. Lets start at the beginning, shall we? Dr. Maxis had a daughter, a beautiful, German, blond hair-blue eyed child. Her name was Samantha, and she lived in a residential area near Der Riese. Everyday, she would go there with her father, and would wait all day until he was done working. He could sense she was getting lonely, so he bought her a female dog. She named it Fluffy, and she loved the dog like it was her own child. One day, her selfish, greedy father hatched an idea. Using the dog, he would try to teleport it, seeing what the effects were to an animal. Once they tied Fluffy down, they activated the teleporter. After seeing that she wasn't at the mainframe, they expected her to be dead, but she was much worse that dead. She was stuck in the Aether, helplessly alone in nothingness. Not realizing that she was actually pregnant, the now 115-enhanced dog spawned some sort of huge hell-hound creature out of thin air using Electromagnetic powers. Well, curiously looking for the dog she cherished so much, Samantha thought she would look in her dad's office, even though she wasn't supposed to. After seeing the beastly creature, she ran into the teleporter to hug it and such. Maxis, realizing that his daughter is in HUGE danger, ran in to save his child. Richtofen, being extremely jealous, crazy, and sick of being bossed around by Maxis, did the unthinkable. He locked the teleporter doors so they couldn't get out. He then teleported them. Samantha is now stuck in the Aether, being demonic because of the overexposure to 115. Now Maxis is a different story. Some say he got out, some say he's in the Aether, and some say he's dead. We're just gong to have to wait for right now. The real question though is why Richtofen actually did that. There are three possible answers. One: He's just that crazy. Two: He was jealous of how high in command he was and was just sick of him. Three: Someone told him to do it... 9. THE ILLUMINATI The Illuminati. They are the definition of evil. They are one of the world's most secret organizations, yet they hide in plain sight. They are literally EVERYWHERE. They are Nazis, dictators, and world leaders. They have connections all around the world. They also have big plans. Their plans are simple: TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION. Slowly but surely, they would start conflicts and secretly make wars between countries, interfering and causing countries to attack themselves. The cold war is where they really started showing their power. The pyramid with the Masonic Eye at the top is their symbol. Where have you seen that? On the back of the one dollar bill. They are truly masters of disguise. Anyways, in the Zombie world, they had connections to Group 935, and one of them was Richtofen. Did they make Richtofen kill Maxis? Possibly. Maybe they thought that at the rate he was going, he would be more powerful than him. Maybe they needed him out of the way. Who knows? The role that the Illuminati play in Nazi Zombies is very discrete, so not much information is given at this time. All we can say is that they definitely play a huge role in the storyline. 10. SECOND-DIMENSIONAL EARTH As I said in the Ascension post, there are two dimensions. There is the regular dimension that has people and wars and stuff like that. That dimension is where the singleplayer storyline takes place, and where everyday life happens. Then there is the dimension of extremely advanced superpowers. In that dimension is where the Nazi Zombie storyline takes place. In that dimension, you HAVE to understand that only the Illuminati, Group 935, Nazis, and the Ascension Group exist, along with "perfect" people from Germany, Russia, and possibly other countries helping with their efforts. In this dimension, it was a successful global holocaust. Only the Axis-powered countries would still have people on them. Welcome to Earth, Population: 20,917 11. EDIT #1: THE LADY THAT SAYS, "ASCENSION" AT THE BEGINNING OF THE GAME She might be Sophia from the radio transmissions in Der Riese. Since the Nazis and the Russians work together, and 935 is Nazi and Ascension Group is Russian, she could be sending that to the Ascension Group, since she works for 935. 12. EDIT #2: DER RIESE AND TIME TRAVEL If any of you guys have seen that big clock right by the FG-42 and Speed Cola Machine, you would notice that the second hand on the clock moves about 3 times upwards and then falls back down. Now, if this was any ordinary clock, IT WOULDN'T BE DOING THAT! Since time travel is obvious because they ended up like 20 years in the future from Der Riese to Kino, then is it possible that the gang is stuck in some sort of time frozen vortex type of thingy majig where the outside world is frozen and only their little space-time-continuum bubble has real time? I know it's kinda hard to imagine, but is that why there are infinite zombies, or is that just a gameplay necessity? This would explain the clock because their little bubble of time goes forward 3 seconds, then instantly goes back in time causing a never-ending loop. It feels like real time to hem and they age the same way, but the outside world is frozen or progresses 3 seconds then restarts. In Shi No Numa, there is a radio transmission that has Richtofen saying, "Ze Vundervaffe must have overloaded ze teleporters, RIPPING ze space time continuum APART! HOW VUNDERVUL!" Translated, lol: "The Wunderwaffe must have overloaded the teleporters, RIPPING the space time continuum APART! HOW WONDERFUL!" 13. EDIT #3: CONFIRMED LOCATIONS OF SOURCES OF ELEMENT 115 This is taken DIRECTLY from the black ops terminal: ***TOP SECRET*** ***LEVEL 1 CLEARANCE ONLY*** ***DER RIESE *SERVANT* SAMPLE A00115*** What follows is the chronological primary sample from the Der Riese project “Datenbedjensteter” (translated: DATA SERVANT). Sample was acquired from CIA asset based out of Vozrozhdeniya in the Soviet Union and is translated from its original German Below: ***SERVANT ENTRY A00115***“ Element 115 overview: “Sources include meteors found in “Shi No Numa “Tunguska “Groom Lake “Der Riese “Moon (Confirmed via Astronomical team) “Applications include: “Transporter technology “Power source for DG-2 “General weapon upgrades via CWZIMOJZDUNINXPJZEKWZOLIEXZ “Side effects include: “Reanimation of dead cells “Via inherent electrical properties. ***END FILE*** 14. EDIT #4: COSMIC SILVERBACK RUNNING AROUND ON ASCENSION Apparently, the Cosmic Silverback can be seen from any of the Lunar Landers while they are in the sky. This has not been proven nor disproven, so if it is true these are my thoughts. Obviously, like I said in my OP, the CSB (Cosmic Silverback for short so I don't have to spell it out every time) is Russian. Ascension is Russian. Simple. Obviously, they did experiments on the mutated monkeys that came back from the Moon (or he was just exposed to more 115 than the others) Somehow, he was more fierce than the others, and had more strength. This, I believe, is why the whole base is destroyed; he obviously killed everyone and escaped the compound. Not knowing where to go, he wanders around the outside perimeter of the base, searching for something? I'm sure it will be explained in due time... 15. EDIT #5: AETHER Aether is a whole dimension in between life and death. Samantha, Dr. Maxis, and the new Doctor from Ascension, Yuri, are all stuck in here. Maxis is unknown, but Yuri contacted the team at Ascension, thus making the Mystery Man easter egg. This easter egg has more importance that you think. When you free him, he rises up into space, or maybe to the possible Aether gateway on the moon. 16. EDIT #6: MYSTERY MAN EASTER EGG STEPS STEP 1 *You NEED a Gersch Device for this step. Leave a Crawler at the end of a round. Go outside towards PHD Flopper. don't go up the stairs towards it, look outside the map. You should be able to see a shining/beeping generator. Throw a Gersch device right near it. It should suck it up, and you should hear the Mystery Man talking to you. (I don't remember exactly what he said, but once I do remember I will be sure to post it.) STEP 2 Keep the crawler from last step alive. Run towards StaminUp Go through the door to the right, to the construction yard Under the stairway to a Barrier, there will be a computer with a Triangle like figure on the screen. Press X on it and the Mystery Man will start talking to you. STEP 3 You will now need to have one person buy a perk. ( cheapest is Quick revive so that’s my suggestion Kill the crawler if It's not monkey round, keep playing through, and complete the round. If it is monkey round, then proceed with these steps You will have to each press a red button near the perks One is at Juggernog, one at STaminUP, one at Speed Cola, and one at PHD Flopper. They are a little red button on the wall. Each player will have to click X on these buttons at THE SAME TIME The mystery Man's voice will talk again STEP 4 Complete the monkey round, and then on the next round get a crawler again. You will have to go to the PAP (PackAPunch) room. In the entrance there is a pressure pad. (it’s under the giant 4 legged grate thing, where the rocket takes off) have all 4 players stand on the pressure pad. There is a clock on the wall with a Ballistic Knife as one of the hands. Everyone MUST stand on the pad until the clock stops ticking. when it goes for a minute, it will set of a nuke killing the crawler. STEP 5 This next step involves the lunar landers When you fly from lander pad to lander pad, you will collect letters in the sky You will have to collect these in a certain order. You will have to get them and an order to spell "LUNA" to do this you have to go from: L = The home pad, to the StaminUp pad U = The StaminUp pad back to the home pad. N = The Home pad to the Speed Cola pad. A = The Speed Cola Pad to the StaminUp pad. STEP 6 *requires an upgraded thundergun, gersch device, matryoshka dolls, and upgraded ray gun If you go to the Construction area, outside the StaminUp room, there will be a broken rocket piece with 4 lights on (assuming you did the steps right) Each time you do a step correct, one of those will light up after all 4 are lighten up, there should be a smaller light on the ground in front of it. throw a Gersch device relatively near the light shoot everything you've got into it you should know if it works If he says, "I'm free, thank you!" you then get a Death machine for 90 seconds, and the screen temporarily goes black and white with Samantha screaming in the background -Written by qwertykon , full credit of the steps goes to him. 17. EDIT #7: THE PENTAGON THIEF IDENTITY The Pentagon Thief is very mysterious. There are 3 possible answers to who he is. The first possible answer, but least probable, is that he is stuck in the Aether, and is getting out threw the teleporters somehow. This is probably not the case. The second possible answer is that he is actually some sort of 115-super-powered human guy that is being brainwashed and controlled by someone else. You can tell because the glasses he is wearing are lit up and have a little radio antenna on the top of them. The third, and most probable, possible answer is that he is a clone of Dr. Clarke from the campaign. You can tell because in the terminal, it says that Clarke was not only obsessed with numbers, but also with the idea of cloning. In the campaign, you can also see numbers written all along his body. In "FIVE" you can see that the scientist also has numbers written all over his body. This pretty much confirms that the Pentagon Thief is a clone of Clarke, how? I have no clue, but I have a feeling we will find out soon enough... P.S. There are confirmations that the Pentagon Thief is just another zombie, so I will still keep this up here, but I'm just letting you guys know. 18. Edit #8: WHAT HAPPENED AFTER THE WARS After the failed experiments and after the downfall of the Nazi regime, Americans supposedly went into a real Nazi base and removed the Belle bringing it to the Groom Lake area. This "did" happen and is recorded in history books and on the internet. I saw this on a History Channel show named UFO Hunters. Since the Belle was supposedly from "Alien" spacecrafts, it was on the show, and talked about all sorts of stuff like the Flytrap and Der Riese. Is this how the outbreaks started at the Pentagon? Who knows. Maybe they shipped a bunch of 115-mutated animals there and they happened to kill, or injure someone, exposing their dead cells to 115, which would turn that one, and eventually turn someone else... domino effect. 19. Edit #9: WHAT CCCP STANDS FOR Many people are asking what, and who, the CCCP are, so I'll tell you: In Russian: Сою́з Сове́тских Социалисти́ческих Респу́блик (CCCP) Translated From Russian To English: Soyuz Sovietskikh Sotsialisticheskikh Respublik In English: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
  3. Dayshadow26

    New Idea for upcoming equipment...

    On mah car Lol Also I was thinking about something like a Raygun-ish AK47 or something Would be cool
  4. Dayshadow26

    New Idea for upcoming equipment...

    I was thinking closable doors and usable turrets. After the zombies break down the door the door is gone. They cannot break down unopened doors. Etc... Usable turrets like at the kino theater spot. A turret up there = HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!
  5. Dayshadow26

    New Idea for upcoming equipment...

    I was thinking closable doors and usable turrets. After the zombies break down the door the door is gone. They cannot break down unopened doors. Etc... Usable turrets like at the kino theater spot. A turret up there = HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!
  6. Dayshadow26

    What if...

    We are going to be playing as zombies? That would be SO AWESOME! Ive always wanted to go up against richtofen and crew. I think since what theyre acting like how secretive theyre being may point to this. Just my theory because yuo are the dead and you get called etc... Leave your response below!
  7. Dayshadow26

    New Idea for upcoming equipment...

    My entrance has more pizzaz *Dives out of helicopter on jungle and lands on noob killing him. Then runs across the planet to get to your house like yo brosef wazzup. I think atime reverse grenade would be cool. It changes zombies back into people where they are easily wasted or join forces with you
  8. Dayshadow26


    Awesome. I cannot wait !!! (Then again, My friends getting the dlc so... YAY)
  9. Dayshadow26

    The Roof

    Agreed. Treyarch mentioned a boss round. I wonder...
  10. Dayshadow26

    Possibly a very cool finding?

    Oh sorry... Wasnt sure... :\
  11. Dayshadow26

    Possibly a very cool finding?

    Well, I was playing on kino yesterday and I heard this weird radio start to go off. We were at round 19 and all of the sudden my friend shot a chandelier and I heard Dr. Maxis (?) start talking about subject 2-6 or something. Thoughts?

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