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  1. He isn't doing a live commentary, he just cuts to the scene where he gets VR-11.
  2. Stop acting like you're super computer literate. Even and idiot could tell from the error message that the websites servers cannot keep up with the traffic due to the new DLC content released today.
  3. On line 60 it says: self GiveWeapon( weapon, 0, self get_pack_a_punch_weapon_options( weapon ) ); Though there is nothing wrong with it, no self respecting programmer would EVER make an object have that long of a name. Especially one that works for 3arc.
  4. There, I fixed it. Jesus. It was an Opinion... AND YOU BETTER FREAKING FOLLOW IT!!! And bag of wank is a saying where i live. And yes, it doesn't make sense. If anything, you're the one trolling here. Because my opinion is fact!
  5. I've seen the real picture and there is no fire, no light where you put it (its in the lighthouse actually) no new perk there and no new weapon. Well no new things there anyway. Take a nail, and shove it through your neck.
  6. Woah man, thanks for posting. I definitely haven't seen this, nice find!!!!1111shift11 Seriously? You're a veteran? -1 brains
  7. Thanks man, some people don't like leaks, BUT THE PEOPLE HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW!
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