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  1. just ordered ghosts for 360, who is down for some multiplayer on monday? @Delta @birdman @GRILL

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    2. Delta


      I'm down for Monday if I can ever force myself to update the game.

    3. DeathBringerZen


      @GRILL - I think the general feeling is that the Extinction maps have no real longevity to them and that is why numbers are lacking. They should never have made the mode have an escape. Simply destroying as many hives as you could before dying would have kept longevity high. Alas, the game mode feels like a single level from a bigger game, and who plays a level from a specific game over, and over? Choas mode is decent though, but they really should have went for a horde mode instead.

    4. GRILL


      well they do kind of have a horde mode with "chaos", but it's certainly pretty lackluster.

      I liked escaping, and I like extinction. To me I thought it had replayability, just sucks that no one is really playing it. You have to gather a team yourself, for the most part. I'm sure when the new DLC comes out there will be tons of people playing, but it will dwindle to nothing after that.

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