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  1. Finally pre-ordered black ops 2 last night and I'm ready for zombies
  2. Only if you have a mic. I downloaded the map, but haven't played it yet. Leave your gamertag if you are up for it, and I'll send you an invite
  3. The kinda feeling I had when I started understanding the backstory and everything else. After Call of the dead, I swore I wouldn't buy another map pack, due to the fact that I don't play multiplayer. However, after seeing this map so far, I feel like a kid waiting on christmas. Almost as excited as I get for tacos!!!! Ahh, feels good to be back here too. Been traveling for work but now I'm back local
  4. Grassy Loki- best post ever. Tacos for you. Btw- what In the hell is that thing under your name? Some kind of green animal thing
  5. If they did kill him off, I'd like to see Reznov in the group. If not Reznov, super Mario. Definitely super Mario. In the frog suit from mario 3 for nes. Oh, you meant a serious person? My bad. How about the pentagon thief? I think that would be pretty bad ass.
  6. My tip would be the sickle is hard to find, across from speed cola, downstairs in the lighthouse, on the ice slide. And also 6250 is the point total needed to get from the start to the sickle, then start building up points. Another tip, keep jumping when you are in the water. You don't freeze as quick that way Another- mute your tv, just about everything these people say in the game is cheesy as hell. With the exception of rooker, he has one good line,"I'm calling bullshit on that. Zombies can't run." If you just leave george alone, he leaves you alone. He's just out for a walk with his super white sneakers. He just happens to be 8 feet tall and blue. Maybe he is looking for Paul Bunyan? The zombie spawns in this game are bullshit Zombies on round 3 here and faster than zombies on round 30 on ascension Don't let yourself get scared if you take the flinger by accident. It scared the shit outta me Unless all zombies are behind you, don't take the zipline from the top of the lighthouse. If there are zombies anywhere else, they will immediately be on you upon landing, instant kill Finally the most important tip. Starting area go right onto the ship. Buy debris on right. Go around the little room , and on the back there sits mrs instant orgasm reason to wake up every morning, DOUBLE TAP. And man, she is looking hot. Thanks for reading and I hope someone will be able to find something useful from my post
  7. Hey tactical, sorry I couldn't get on tonight. I had to go eat dinner with the family for my grandmas 91st birthday. You up to do it tommorow night around 20:00(8:00pm) central time? I'm really wanting to do this
  8. Ok sweet. How much ammo does it hold?
  9. Enough invincible talk, I wanna know where I find the banana. Is it a wall weapon? Box? :lol:
  10. What if I want to make a Christmas egg team finder thread? Lol
  11. Yeah tactical, I should be back home around 19:30 central time, so I'd figure I'll be online around 20:30 central. We finally got all the steel erected on this job, and I'm ready to get home
  12. Thanks for the info. Tacos for you kind sir. I will add you double 0 zombie when I get back home friday
  13. I will add you double 0 zombie when I get back home friday
  14. In first strike, I was impressed by ascension, but disappointed in the multiplayer maps. However this time, I'm disappointed by cotd, but loving the multiplayer maps.
  15. When you free the original guys, do the actually come out of the room? Or is it like ascension where it's just a light that flys off? I'm hoping to hook up with the guys from here and do it friday
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