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  1. Just Wondering, It should be set in the 1960's right? wouldn't you agree?
  2. Here is the link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZiSy27KOdE
  3. Well Game Trailers TV is having a new episode run on the 27th of Jan.... this is just the last few days before First Strike is released. Could t be that there will be a Ascension Trailer on GTTV on Jan 27th. Give me your thoughts on this... here is a link to the upcoming episode. http://www.gametrailers.com/show/gametrailers-tv
  4. So a couple of days ago, a youtube video was posted of this guy explaining how he visited activision right after Black Ops launched. He claimed to have played the first strike pack!!! not to mention Ascension!!!. He gave out details in the video about Ascension including....... Will take place on the campaign mission Executive Order (the mission when u blow up the rocket). And will feature a new boss!!!! The Cosmic Silver Back or Silverbacks... cause I did hear him say you have like 20 of them that spawn or something... Nobody believed him... I sorta believed him but still had the idea it was
  5. Trust me everybody. This DBlock guy is full of crap. Think about it Dblock and japattak10 have both somehow experienced the same thing were you played ascension after installing the original zombie maps. Then tell me this lol. Seriously it cant get anymore obvious. Dblock and Japattak10 both joined this forum on January 5th 2011. They Both wrote there stories in red text. Each Story began with the Word... Okay. and even they can't give us pictures. And now there is a third guy who experienced it. Don't remember his user name but.... he says he saw the samething. And he said he only played the
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