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  1. awe nvm i just noticed it looks like mw3 sad story i feel stupid now lol
  2. looks like there could be a story mode too 0_o
  3. you only have to complete the egg once not necessarily the same game but once prior to to killing george if you didnt at all then i really dont know why you got the dg2
  4. im not agreeing it will happen but the OP says credit towards something not necessarily black ops... it could be a download to barbie ponies lol or something like that lil big planet just credit maybe not even a whole $15 could be like $5 that would still be cool seeing as it would give us a sort of a discount on any purchase we would want
  5. its fake no one could replicate the outcome and then the op of that thread posted with a fake acount sayin he replicated but was found out
  6. ummm it looks like it said march 5 as in 03-05 but i hope it is april or else that poster is fake =(
  7. hey snake where did you find that out thats awesome
  8. no problem i mean you can flopp just be careful the hotfix is lame about it but not all spots will instantly kill you
  9. its hotfix for the lander glitch for some reason there have been alot of players who go down and instantly to spectate mostly occurs because they are jumping around idk exactly how it works but its been happening all around the map
  10. there is also a door creak and scream in the speed cola room http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=56&t=8940&view=next
  11. actually your game ends if you get left alone you can only continue with two players if that guy leaves then the game ends due to insufficient number of players
  12. and if you download your profile on your xbox you can redownload your content from live
  13. go to hard disk and copy all blackops content onto the flash drive
  14. actually bro they can alll dlc is encrypted on the harddisk aka the game copy in order for you to play dlc you have to purchase the access and what not to then the hardisk allowing you to access what was purchased
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