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  1. I agree that the thundergun can be used instead of traps..makes the rounds go quicker later on. How many youtube vids have you seen though where people are shooting 2zmbs or even 1 with a thundergun...if you didn't blast a horde you wasted it. the only thing I don't understand I guess is the player in the phd room. It just seems to me that you could get cornered mad easily without the thunder in there. great feedback and btw everything ur sayn (minus 1 player in the phd room) was where I was stuck a couple weeks ago. You'll get there and then everytime you load up zombies 50 will be
  2. couple things... when you get to 2500 words... "rds" is much easier/lazier...hahaha.. folks gunna read my wall of text how to get to 50...then scroll down and find out how to get to 38 :roll: find that kinda humorous... gjrico-gunna try out standing on one side of trap to get them to spawn out quicker this weekend. (usually start sunday morning around 7 so the whole day aint pissed away ya know) ill let ya know how much time we saved..if any lol. [quote="way2g00 Unfortunately after the monkeys round he forgot to take the flopper and went down. All this happened in 2 h
  3. just wanted to clarify what he said in the video...JFK was assasinated in dallas tx. I Love map packs...feels like christmas every couple months
  4. might make myself look like an idiot...but that first pic looks exactly like the texturing and graphics of CoD..as opposed to a "real" life pic..maybe a custom mod?
  5. where is that picture from? [brains] for the research.
  6. there are great videos of folks running solo that use the figure 8 on stage http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjmfXQ3_39E this guy makes a nice run from :38-:39 then breaks it off and has to go wide..someone skilled should be able to do that figure 8 quickly and not have to go so wide keeping the horde with him...as far as keeping the eggs in same basket think about this..you screw up get"downed" and your teammate has 45 secs to get you back on your feet...if hes gotta dodge your horde and cover that ground to get you just makes it more nerveracking to get you up...possible but kinda wastin t
  7. Forgot a couple things... DONT UPGRADE MP5...ammo is 4000 cheaper and you'll make more points back by not wasting the 4k.. UPGRADE the RAY after 50..this is if you die out and have to rebox it..no reason not to have the 200 in reserve. Especially for monkeys.
  8. This strategy guide is being submitted due to a couple questions that were asked of me on another topic by a fellow member. Quick side note. This strategy is for 2 players, mainly focused on 35+ with some early round tips that me and my buddy nate found from our extensive playthroughs. the best strats are ones that you find work for you best and this is by no means a garuntee to get you to a certain level just something that definately works for me. Also, i dont have a cap card or screenshots so i apologize for that in advance. Rds 1-5 We stay in the main room for 5 rounds and
  9. ray gun til 50..then traps..ray takes almost a full clip from 50 on . But at that point you just rebuy the perks you lose b4 round is over.
  10. [brains] for you sir...used this info to help catapault to 59 last night. on ascension this information came in handy. we trap after 35 so finding out the number of zombies to put through the trap was key. we took the round number multiplied it by .15 and multiplied that by 2. example 44*.15 =6.6. (6.6)*2 =13.2. meaning we had to hit 13 traps after hoarding all zombies and running them through trap. helps knowing how many traps you have left. also the powerups info was crucial. we had to stack a bunch of points in the beginning of rounds and gersch the last hoard or two and got 2-3 power
  11. floppn really only works on rounds 10-20..hordes relatively small and not very powerful..later in the game its only gunna get you downed and piss off your teammate
  12. ahhh that explains it..thanks for the reply. The new rule we use is dont flop. period. good for the cancellation of explosives and ray splash but other than that im seeing alot of people posting their examples of flopping in certain places and insta-killing themselves. thanks again! [brains]
  13. created account just to post this to see if anyone else came across this on ascension. was in the middle of a marathon zmb match and while i was messin around at the box my buddy started diving off the stairwell above stage (with flopper/jugg) (to the left of stage if you are looking at it) and he did this a few times..but on his last attempt he dove into a puddle in front of main stage. this put him into a "downed" state for all of .5 secs and then he was "gone". the little girl laughed as this happened just like when you throw a gersch out of bounds. i killed the crawlers and he came back bu
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