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  1. I agree that the thundergun can be used instead of traps..makes the rounds go quicker later on. How many youtube vids have you seen though where people are shooting 2zmbs or even 1 with a thundergun...if you didn't blast a horde you wasted it. the only thing I don't understand I guess is the player in the phd room. It just seems to me that you could get cornered mad easily without the thunder in there. great feedback and btw everything ur sayn (minus 1 player in the phd room) was where I was stuck a couple weeks ago. You'll get there and then everytime you load up zombies 50 will be your new minimum!
  2. couple things... when you get to 2500 words... "rds" is much easier/lazier...hahaha.. folks gunna read my wall of text how to get to 50...then scroll down and find out how to get to 38 :roll: find that kinda humorous... gjrico-gunna try out standing on one side of trap to get them to spawn out quicker this weekend. (usually start sunday morning around 7 so the whole day aint pissed away ya know) ill let ya know how much time we saved..if any lol. [quote="way2g00 Unfortunately after the monkeys round he forgot to take the flopper and went down. All this happened in 2 hours. J-L is extremely good at killing the undead. I have never used a single trap to kill the zombies last night. I discussed the idea of refilling the mp5k each time and use traps and he did not seem to like it saying it takes forever to reach far using the strategy. But I thought I can use this strategy one we feel the ammo is scarce. I am still looking for PSN players that would join me kill the undead to make past 50+ rounds. Peace •Thanks to Snowmanpacino for starting this thread and taking time to share his strategy. I am yet to try his strategy. ] np dude..just wanna let you know that rounds are gunna take 30-45 minutes at the least around 50 and ur weapons wont dont diddly except for the thunder..once ur team gets up there you will def see what i mean. the faster u can horde em up the better.we start trappn around 38 to get in the hang of how fast we can speed horde on the stage. trappn is kinda inevitable unless you wanna waste 10 rays on one freakbag. goodluck!
  3. just wanted to clarify what he said in the video...JFK was assasinated in dallas tx. I Love map packs...feels like christmas every couple months
  4. might make myself look like an idiot...but that first pic looks exactly like the texturing and graphics of CoD..as opposed to a "real" life pic..maybe a custom mod?
  5. where is that picture from? [brains] for the research.
  6. there are great videos of folks running solo that use the figure 8 on stage http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjmfXQ3_39E this guy makes a nice run from :38-:39 then breaks it off and has to go wide..someone skilled should be able to do that figure 8 quickly and not have to go so wide keeping the horde with him...as far as keeping the eggs in same basket think about this..you screw up get"downed" and your teammate has 45 secs to get you back on your feet...if hes gotta dodge your horde and cover that ground to get you just makes it more nerveracking to get you up...possible but kinda wastin time, if a thundergun is on stage then your chances of screwin up get canceled out by a couple quick blasts..reset..and try it again. it will take practice but when your comfortable with it its gunna be great..(try out the dual running on stage rd 18 or so and get comfortable) I also like the centrifuge room idea..except that its a longer shot/riskier to make it to "pap: trap... as far as gjrico...dude 3 hours for 55? thats not going down once and the fifties take 15 traps+.... not gunna flame you...maybe you have a "turbo" button on ur box like some old school computers..3 and a half hours just doesnt seem possible..we could shave maybe 1 1/2 hours off our time..but 6?
  7. Forgot a couple things... DONT UPGRADE MP5...ammo is 4000 cheaper and you'll make more points back by not wasting the 4k.. UPGRADE the RAY after 50..this is if you die out and have to rebox it..no reason not to have the 200 in reserve. Especially for monkeys.
  8. This strategy guide is being submitted due to a couple questions that were asked of me on another topic by a fellow member. Quick side note. This strategy is for 2 players, mainly focused on 35+ with some early round tips that me and my buddy nate found from our extensive playthroughs. the best strats are ones that you find work for you best and this is by no means a garuntee to get you to a certain level just something that definately works for me. Also, i dont have a cap card or screenshots so i apologize for that in advance. Rds 1-5 We stay in the main room for 5 rounds and stack points with pistol and m14 (one upstairs one downstairs). When rd 6 starts toss a few nades into windows making a crawly and leave through the UPSTAIRS door.(dont open door to jugg more on this in a sec.) kill the standing zmbs turn on the power, box is optional and you should have around 10-15k points combined at this point. while boxing is optional, grabbing flopper and mp5k is important. after turning on the power and grabbing flopper the monkey round usually starts within the next 2 rds. they will only attack flopper so flopping of the stage is a great way to get first monkey stage done. if they dont touch it obviously you will get a free perk. if the perk is stam,sleight of hand or jugg AND u havent opened the doors to the perks, the monks cant get to those perks thus making the next monk rd fairly easy as well. just flop off stage and dont let them touch flopper. if you havent received jugg for free by 20 or you have been downed then its pretty important to get it and protect it. Rds 10-35 These rounds are crucial to the success of getting far. Not going down and protecting perks should be priority numero uno. (you waste 9500 getting all ur perks back). Your second priority is stacking points. if the box gives you an automatic...USE IT. everytime you dont take a good gun your throwing away almost 2 mp5k max ammos. (500 for more ammo.) The point that you should stop boxing is when you have this setup Player 1-Thundergun/Automatic/Gersch Player 2-Raygun/Automatic/Gersch The raygun and thundergun may take some time to box as well as gersch's but they need to be in your arsenal. I cant stress enough how important the mp5 is. At 500 for more ammo you can easily dump all the ammo out on hordes of zombies and make 2500-3000 before you have to buy more bullets. Plus its right next to stage and on your way to both traps. Rds 35+ Well if you have got this far then you know from experience that your bullets do nothing to zombies at this point. My team was stuck at round 38 for months til we had an epiphany. It was always the same thing...no ammo,no gersch,no clue what to do next. While ur weapons are useless against them the traps are "instakill". This next part is kind of tricky and requires practice,communication and timing. Player 1 will stand in the forward area of stage and run a figure 8 back and forth (inbetween the box spot and grenades while staying in front of lander computer) collecting zombies. Player 2 will stand in back of stage and let Player 1 collect as many zombies as possible and dump mp5 clips into the hoard Player 1 has collected. Some zombies may break off and attack Player 2. All Player 2 has to do is sidestep the zombies and run a rectangle in the back of stage.(good rule of thumb is to have lander called in and use that as a boundary so between the lander and lander computer is an area either player can run through if it gets hectic.) The tricky part is making a hole with both groups of zmbs so that both players can escape stage and proceed to the first trap. This requires excellent timing sometimes and great communication. When Player 1 can see no more zmbs are approaching stage he (or she lol..proofread this and thought it was eliminating an entire sex) should start making a wide circle of the stage starting at the "box" spot. Player 2 should still be circling (or squaring) behind the lander and this will give both players time to sprint through a hole either in the middle of both groups or on the outside then proceed to exit stage of either set of stairs. If you get messed up or trapped Player 1 (should only be running on stage with thundergun btw) can give a couple blasts with the thunder and you can reset and try it again. Like i said with two people you have to communicate and practice to learn each others movements and know when they are in trouble. Quick side note...Everytime i get surronded and cant move my favorite line is "oh sh**" its gotten to the point where i say "oh.." and before i can get the word sh** out my buddy is blasting the thunder in my direction..prevents going down therefore wasting time and money..and its pretty funny. Point is develop some catchphrases and names for locations. They dont have to be mine, just something your team is aware of. Ok so at this point you have managed to get off the stage and the zombies are chasing you. The first trap you need to hit is the "PaP" trap right outside hole room. Run up stairs to "hole in wall" room and wait til all zombies ran through trap then jump down, go back to stage. I recommend leaving the door locked connecting "hole" room and "power" or "first box spot" room. Helps that monkeys cant go that way to Sleight of Hand and zmbs cant spawn and run down stairs to get you after the horde runs through trap. So you know now how to horde the zombies up and get off stage, do the same thing for running to the staminup trap with a few minor differences. After you get off stage,Player 2 will run ahead and put 1...Thats ONE board...one more time JUST ONE BOARD on the window before turret, and the two windows after turret. Just to clarify again, You want one board on the window before turret, one board on the window immediately after turret and in the windy hallway to staminup one board on that window. The board is just to prevent zmbs from hopping out window right in your path on the way back from trap. You dont want them to have to take time tearing down 5 boards. (remember after 35 its all about speed, the longer you take in a round the more fatigued you'll be and more prone to making mistakes). So that is Player 2's role (throw up a couple safety boards for the return run and wait by staminup). Player 1's role is to hang back with zmbs and bunch them together by taking a slower approach to the staminup machine. When the entire hoard is past the trap and into the staminup room stay to the far left, the green water slows you down, if you stay all the way left of it you wont lose any speed. Hit the trap when you are through the doorway and sprint back to stage. Bring next horde to PAP trap and so on. *If for whatever reason one player is stuck on the side of trap with zombies its ok to hit the trap because for some reason flopper + jugg lets you run through traps without going "down". Thats pretty much the gameplan as far as traps are concerned. A few other tips that may help you get far ... *If you have the thundergun (player 1) dont EVER pick up death machine in later rounds (40+) unless insta-kill is coupled with it. You will die. *Be conservative with gerschs as well. For example we always save 1 in case someone goes down bypassing the need for Quick Revive. Also powerups are based on ACCUMULATED points by both players times a multiplier. Thats confusing so here is an example. Round 1 you need 2000 points every round after that is multiplied by 1.14...so you can see why powerups get kinda scarce. Our strategy for that is to use mp5's to get a crazy amount of points in each round, then toss one gersch towards the last couple hordes. May sound like bullcrap but we usually get 2-3 powerups in the 50's using this strategy. *You might have just said "thats crap how are you supposed to know how many hordes are left?" A very critical part of our game is knowing how many hordes are left. A member of this forum "DuckCall00" has posted a chart with the formula for zmbs in a round. Quite simply it is (round number)*(.15)*(2) so for Round 50 its (50)*.15=7.5 multiply that by 2 and you get 15 (this is the number of hordes that will spawn. I keep most stats from our game and we actually hit 16 traps that round. Not to be relied upon for a specific number but the majority of rounds we either hit that exact amount,1 more or 1 less. *With the exception of the three windows on the way to staminup mentioned earlier..DONT BOARD ANY WINDOWS..just slows down the time it takes you to horde zombies. Speed is key. *In the event someone goes down on later rounds (40+) and you have a gersch to give yourself time to get them up, they should immediately get up and get their a** to juggernog by taking the lander. The freakbags will spawn quickly and head to the stage to chase the player on said stage. This player should now have a lot of room to run these zmbs around in a circle and give the player that went down time to rebuy their perks. A few zombies might break off and chase the player rebuying perks so be prepared and get jugg first. *Dwight K Schrute once said "Before I do anything, I ask myself would an idiot do this? If the answer is 'yes' I do not do that thing" Good rule of thumb... *Save the ray and thunder for monkeys. I posted on another topic how I didnt fire a single ray from 40-44 (didnt want a crawler just wanted to power through some rounds through traps) Make a crawler tho if ur team needs a small break. Recommend giving a five to ten minute break to teammates every 2 hours to prevent eye strain and fatigue related bull crap. *Dont make a bunch of crawlers mid round on stage. This screws up running on stage and the formula for hordes to the point where if you have three crawlers that dont make it to trap thats three less that are spawning at a time causing you to hit additional traps. * We usually have Player 1 hit the first trap (pap) and Player 2 hit the second (staminup). This is just so there is never confusion as to who is gunna hit the trap and it doesnt get activated by accident. *Keep track of number of traps. Ya it sux and makes it seem like work but the satisfaction of seeing the closest person on your friends list 23 levels below you and the crazy rank overall is awesome. So basically dont waste all ur points at the box (each box is basically a trap),stack points for cheap with an mp5,stay on the move and communicate with your teammate. I hope this helps some folks get past that 35-38 range and puts them high up on the leaderboards. Alot of credit goes to Duckcall00 for the awesome chart. Knowledge is power! Credit also goes to my teammate Nate, the ultimate team player and only person I would want to talk to for 9.5 hours straight. Goodluck to everyone and if you got any questions feel free to message me. Im always open to hearing new strats so lemme know if you find anything that you would add/subtract. Im on XboxLive-Sn0wmanPacino
  9. ray gun til 50..then traps..ray takes almost a full clip from 50 on . But at that point you just rebuy the perks you lose b4 round is over.
  10. [brains] for you sir...used this info to help catapault to 59 last night. on ascension this information came in handy. we trap after 35 so finding out the number of zombies to put through the trap was key. we took the round number multiplied it by .15 and multiplied that by 2. example 44*.15 =6.6. (6.6)*2 =13.2. meaning we had to hit 13 traps after hoarding all zombies and running them through trap. helps knowing how many traps you have left. also the powerups info was crucial. we had to stack a bunch of points in the beginning of rounds and gersch the last hoard or two and got 2-3 powerups garunteed. wish i could toss you some more brains but instead just gunna have to thank-you for all the work it took getting this info compiled. mad respect!
  11. floppn really only works on rounds 10-20..hordes relatively small and not very powerful..later in the game its only gunna get you downed and piss off your teammate
  12. ahhh that explains it..thanks for the reply. The new rule we use is dont flop. period. good for the cancellation of explosives and ray splash but other than that im seeing alot of people posting their examples of flopping in certain places and insta-killing themselves. thanks again! [brains]
  13. created account just to post this to see if anyone else came across this on ascension. was in the middle of a marathon zmb match and while i was messin around at the box my buddy started diving off the stairwell above stage (with flopper/jugg) (to the left of stage if you are looking at it) and he did this a few times..but on his last attempt he dove into a puddle in front of main stage. this put him into a "downed" state for all of .5 secs and then he was "gone". the little girl laughed as this happened just like when you throw a gersch out of bounds. i killed the crawlers and he came back but with nothing ie thundergun perks gersch. tried this the next day at his house on split screen and the same thing happened. after a few attempts he hit the same spot and was instatnly "gone". anyone came across this yet?
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