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  1. Yeah it did thats the NO74 ST grenade it an anti tank grenade but it wasnt actually made fir sticking to people, but, you could get a lucky cross-map stick xD
  2. Umm yes... it doesnt take 15 mins for a runner to spawn
  3. Lol this happened to me on ascension.. except you killed the crawler right before he was gonna die by himself.! in ascension, if you have a crawler for to long, it dies and another zombie (this time its a sprinting zombie) comes out and chases you. You killed the crawler right as the zombie spawned... but then again, it shouldnt have taken it 15 mins for it to respawn... spawning glitch while porting the [email protected] spawn points to BO version?
  4. Today, i was browsing through CALL OF DUTY WORLD AT WAR zombie sound files to make a dubstep song i was gonna make.. and i found in "localized english iw 5" the folder player_0... meaning dempsey... i browsed through every single file and i found "weappick_sticky_00" and "weappick_sticky_02", there are 4, but those are reused for all the good guns.. but 00 and 02 say "stick it and click it, bye bye zombie!" and "Sticky, Sweetness!" (lol thats what she said) but is it possible the NO 74 ST grenade was gonna be placed into shi no numa? or maybe something similar to the crossbow? i dont know about you guys, but ive never heard these quotes on any versions of Shi No Numa. REMEMBER THIS IS WORLD AT WAR SO IT CANNOT BE THE CROSSBOW IN BLACK OPS
  5. Look at my post from a long time ago! viewtopic.php?f=62&p=82870#p82870 This came from twodowns music video "eddy is a liar" which was posted when ascension came out! i have not edited my post at all... but they knew about MOON and CALL OF THE DEAD!! they changed their description now... but they knew all zombie maps from the start... for call of the dead.. there is a hug lighthouse and the said "Der Leuchtturm" which means the lighthouse in german and the moon is self explanatory...
  6. TO ALL THE PEOPLE SAYING GUNSHIP ISNT LOGICAL. Think about it, maybe Treyarch could make them say, "Ship's low on fuel, better land soon, leaving would just leave us into a fateful death." or something similar :lol:
  7. In german it's translated to Rufen Der Toten xD
  8. yeah i know I used to be a fucking henry langham fan once..
  9. Yeah that theory of they changed the description.. that's what I thought too... but why do they say that it isn't anything related to call of duty? :/
  10. hmm... i guess so.. but what about like area 51? Everyone was SURE that Area 51 would come out soon and look, it didn't!
  11. hmm... OR like I said, just a replacement of words. "The Dead" = Zombies call of "DUTY" call of "THE DEAD"
  12. It says, "Take the HOTEL" aand "Survive the Call of the Dead" that means if the word "Hotel" isn't the name of a map, neaither should Call of the Dead
  13. What's the next map? Escalation? That's just the name of the map pack. LIke First Strike. Call of the Dead? It's just a saying... :/
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