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  1. Fake. There isn't any glitch to get great guns, it's all random.
  2. I don't think it is the last step, but yea. nice vid. :P
  3. First at all. Let's think about how they got trapped? Maybe there's a mastermind behind all those stuff-
  4. What? :shock: which update ur talking about mate?
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2qDmhGo ... ture=feedu look what that guy from 3arc said "shoot everything and maybe you find something interesting" another easter egg ?N2qDmhGoxhA
  6. modern warfare 2 ftw! but it will never beat Zombie mode :D
  7. first at all welcome really nice theory u got there, but I think theres nothing more in kino. just some papers, pictures etc. anyway [brains] 4 ur theory
  8. yea, thinking the same. we need better security against bots.
  9. It is the patch for the Lander Glitch... But it seems like that 3arc sucks at patching glitches :roll:
  10. Sheen is right, I think it's over. :roll: Most of the theories have already been debunked and these theories doesn't rly sound convincingly. :roll:
  11. Wasn't something about that Yuri guy already posted? anyway I think 1961 is the time for Ascension, maybe he was trying to build machines to get to the moon.
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