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  1. Lol okay heres what the first thing i saw on the loading screen : Yes its a book of the maps/story of zombies and besides the mysterious element table looking page in the back. The most important thing i think is that if you look at it its creased in the middle! hinting at that where halfway through the "book" so we have loads more of zombies ahead of us idk if anyone noticed that but there you go :)
  2. I also have noticed that im not suprised doe lol
  3. Lol it has things to do with this map! IDK if u guys couldnt hear the video but there will be multiple new guns so it has enuff to do with the new map :p
  4. Well monkeys are monkeys and what i got out of the video is that if you start it at around 2:20 he says "With the new WEAPONS" so there is gonna be more than just one new weapon but what could the new ones be?
  5. Lol of course it resembles DOA All the maps are in Dead ops as i will even guess that there will be another map in some sort of jail like vorkuta. I think
  6. Beginning levels u cant miss them just look around the exits so im pretty sure that covers call of the dead and! Treyarch would throw gigantic clues at you like idk if ur expecting lunar landers with the name ascension on it lol I kid ;)
  7. Zombieofthedead idk if u ever notice the shipwrecked boats when u move on to a next level?
  8. Lol well I really cannot believed nobody check this out well I say u guys let all ur friends know since new on this and spread the word and we can get more opinions on this :)
  9. I always thot it was so obvious that nobody talked about it or that no1 really played and didnt care much about it haha
  10. Call of the dead was in dead ops arcade. So is the future map the temple. Then another map some sort of jailhouse. i just wanted to know how many people agree with me that dead ops gives major clues to the next maps?
  11. Lol and it also gives hints to future maps like how the next is gonna be a temple.
  12. BUt i didnt do the egg thats why i was suprised
  13. Max ammo? You usually Get the death machine and a free perk so thats why i was surprised to get a wunderwaffle
  14. Alrite guys two days ago I was playing call of the dead and around round 19-20 me and my friend decided to kill george. So once he died we got the wunderwaffle without freeing the survivors. So i just wanted to know if im a giant nube and this is suppose to happen if not why did it? Also I dont Know if people know this but to get "Zombie vision" and insta-kill from the VR11 it doesnt have to be upgraded.
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