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  1. Looks good, i was looking for something like this, considering my controllers grips are wearing down... again haha. Buying these would be good because they just pop on =D
  2. I was reading this somewhere else but it looks like parts of each text in the different picture are crossed out but in a light grey rather than black, maybe being the names of the next maps. Not saying they are, and hey, this whole picture could be fake so we'll have to wait and see.
  3. Thats mine, hope you like it!
  4. @above, wow thats a lot of emblems haha pretty good too. Im gonna get a pic of my emblem and put it on here, hope it compares.
  5. Forgive me if this was said but what you said gave me an idea, maybe doing the last step while monkeys are going, like get them to all attack speed cola at the other side of the map and then run to the floating orb on the ground and fire into the girsch device. Just spit balling =)
  6. Im not going to lie and say that the glitch wasn't fun but im glad its patched now, kinda getting sick of everyone in a game saying, "hey can you call the lander for me?" Now that the glitch is patched its time to play a game without hearing that =)
  7. No idea that you could get thundergun in NDU, nice!
  8. @dumbdumb888 I dont think that treyarch would add all these new things in zombies all at once. All though it would be cool, i don't see it as being the next map =\
  9. Recovering gamertag doesn't bring downloads with the account, no need for anyone to post anymore, already got the solution thanks to Undead Xp.
  10. Could you imagine what the round similar to dogs and monkey would be? Aliens, haha that would be interesting.
  11. Freeze ray is terrible, absolutely. I have no problems with the thundergun, but Wonderwaffe is definately still better. Gold just makes it that much better, i hope they bring in back in the second map pack.
  12. Thanks so much, havent checked my post in a while because no one was responding but you had the right answer, thanks a bunch.
  13. Upgraded FAL is pretty good, shoots a 3 burst round. Upgraded steakout? Not worth it haha, i was desperate when i upgraded it cause i was out of all ammo and the zombies were still coming but it just didnt kill them quick enough.
  14. You are quite harsh first off, second, imagine what would happen if IW made zombies like treyarch, we wouldn't have a good multiplayer to play :)
  15. I have played a LOT of zombies since ascension came out and never saw something like a samurai sword, playing in split screen could have made your screen thinner and look wider.
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