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  1. Haha thanks. Lots of booths and cosplayers got a good laugh each time I was like "I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite cosplay/booth on the Citadel"
  2. Thanks to their ads, I always wanna hamburger instead.
  3. You could glitch out of almost every map in THUG with moon gravity. Just mash against a wall and jump repeatedly.
  4. Wanna make CoDz a better place? http://i.imgur.com/J5g7CCG.jpg

    1. Lenne


      If I could share my UotM cookie with you I would do that... except for Jay cause he is evil. :P

    2. Mr. Jay

      Mr. Jay

      If you look up Evil in your thesaurus, my nude photo will show up.

    3. Undead


      True story. Phantom even campaigned with me last month.

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  5. "Hey, I just met you and this is CRAAAAZY, but I'm the doctor, this maps easy!"
  6. If speedo successfully picks up a woman with any of those, I am in his debt. "Girl, I'd ride you to the moon and back BOOM! too late"
  7. "Girl, you're drop dead gorgeous. How about a little revive?"
  8. "Call of the dead? Oh I thought you said call me to bed..." "I've got 115 problems but 69 ain't one!"
  9. GO! "Girl, you think you're good at zombies? Let's see how many rounds of Ascension you can survive"
  10. Either no one believes I actually attempt to play CoD because I never accepted their invites, OR I just need to start bribing you guys...

    1. Undead


      One free toaster for every 5th invite. Limited time only.

    2. Naitrax


      If you see me on something and not in an actual game (like, I mean a match) just send me an invite. I'm down to wreck zombies with someone.

  11. lol now I feel like a douche for agreeing with Samara my friend, someone peed in your Cheerios this morning given the first couple threads I clicked in involved you butting heads with Slade. But ya know, I'm glad you dig my work! <3 And speaking of which, here's some work in progress: http://i.imgur.com/0xwGoEZ.jpg
  12. CoDz is full of tension today I can tell ya that much...
  13. Anyone up for MP or Zombs?

  14. This man gets it. Only I have the privilege of seeing them naked anyway. Now, are we talking Samara from Mass Effect, The Ring or your girlfriend?
  15. You guys are terrible. I'd never make Misty suggestive in anyway. Unless you wanted me to then, sure I guess.
  16. Meanwhile I'm trying decide who to draw next. I've been focusing on practicing the female anatomy (ya know, because boobs) but just drawing poses is no fun. I'm thinking Misty from Pokemon. I'm sure Jolteon would approve.
  17. Welp, I think after beating Mass Effect like 9 times, going through Skyrim again and playing WWE with my bro, I've started missing a little bit of the CoD world. If anyone wants to play MP or Zombs, let me know.

  18. For me it's just about every XBL arcade or free with gold game I've downloaded. Once in awhile I'll browse through them and find myself saying "Oh yeah" then continue to just play whatever disk I've got in the xbox lol.
  19. Gee, I sure wish we had some new medals!

    1. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      Meeting will be held next week Cody, patience. I have said we will discuss them at the next meeting.

    2. Undead


      Which you also said almost several months ago :P

    3. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0

      -I would like a secret medal for the electric eel society...

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