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  1. im just spitballin here, dont flame me, but when in campaign just after the mission where your on the boat and blow up all the VC towers and shit, the next mission where you go through that vietnamese canyon to get to the next part of the level, one of the helicopter pilots says to woods welcome to paradise.. and by the looks of the call of the dead loading screen with the ascension loading screen behind the cotd one and then a new loading screen with plants and shit opposite the next map may be in Vietnam ?? I dont know though.
  2. Fail Gay rights troll is fail. :facepalm:
  3. muahahahahhah. I feel bad for you though, you gunna try and stay spoiler free? Na man, I'm going to spoil this map for myself like I did ascension LOL. I just cant wait. It looks soooo goood.
  4. Second chance n00bs DIE when I play. LOL i absolutely cannot stand that useless perk, its beyond n00b.
  5. It still isn't in Japan...but saying its in China is not necessarily correct either. Its like saying Prague in modern Czechoslovakia...technically yes, but no. Lets not get technical here, GEOGRAPHICALLY IT is in Chinese district. Therefore its location is CHINA.
  6. You're right about Discovery but it's location is somewhere in Russia. Kowloon is actually in Japan, not China Geography fail. KOWLOON IS IN CHINA. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kowloon guess what KOWLOONS IN CHINA.
  7. http://gobarbra.com/hit/new-5296aeb666a ... 6457efe8e2 That is all.
  8. I'm online now, if you guys are?
  9. Its not on psn either :/
  10. Na what I mean is when I was wanting to game share some of the people I asked were like "NO YOU MIGHT DELETE ME TROPHY RECORD AND TROLL MY ACCOUNT" but you can't actually do that when you're connecting to somebodies PSN off your PS3
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