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  1. Screw this just wait till Halo CE Remake Comes Out.
  2. No post found... Lol also 100th post! (I still gotta long ways to go... ) Excuse me sir.But i Cant allow for you to use my Picture. On topic:Ak,Holographic.Scar H.Win.Get New xbox and this MOAR WIN.
  3. When i heard about Black Ops Having Customization To characters I thought gear all i want is a Diff. Character Like in Halo Reach. Custom Camo on guns, Words on Weapons And Lasers!!!
  4. Wait People CoTD Takes Place in the Artic so the Pieces of wood really Have no Sence With this map this could probably be a Spin Off And There could be 4 Map Packs think About it.
  5. In the CoTD Reveal Trailer He says ''This Must be a nightmare!'' Of course its a reference! To A nightmare on elm street Anybody noticed this?
  6. Both Old and Stupid........But Call of The Dead Spin Off Of the name Call of Duty So could there be more than killing zombies?Escape Maybe?
  7. Does anyone Know if Escalation will be region Locked Cause I wasted 20 bucks for nothing last time and if it is can someone tell me how to fix it?BTW Im on Xbox.
  8. I would like to see al characters become hot chicks and have a 4some while killing zombies..... lol
  9. holy shit people he said kassimir could this be related to henrys work?Listen im not a HL Fan but treyarch just butfucked u allL:)
  10. HaloOrCod


    I CANT DOWNLOAD FIRST STRUKE! It says it's not avelable for my region! and I'm in Mexico Please Heeelp!!!
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