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  1. If you have that human gun thing sorry forgot the name go into the lighthouse where the green light is shining and shoot a zombie and the human will get sucked in like a tractor beam but sadly i dies right after doing this :'(
  2. READ first of all phillip STFU you can get 7 perks by killing George,And all who think you cant get the Wounderwaffe DG2 Look at this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UR3AwF9J-iI Now everyone stop bitching i dont know if this is hacked i dont think it is you can get the Wounderwaffe DG2!!!
  3. Hey alot of you probably know this but these are the steps of how to help the four main characters get out the locked doors, Step 1 The door is located under the PHD Flopper,They tell you to try and find a fuse to turn the lights on,The fuse is in the room with Phd flopper,you will know when you have collected it when its on your screen like the movie reels in Kino Der Toten. Step 2 They will then tell you to destroy the generators found around the map you can destroy them with Frags,Semtex,Scavenger,Crossbow First one is in the same room as the locked door you know when you've destroyed it when the little red light on the top goes out Second one in the lighthouse bottom floor you have to open the door on the right after that clear the boat debris and turn right Third one Go on the boat with the power on but instead go the opposite way clear the boat debris and go on the left side and there should be a generator Fourth one go to the lighthouse top floor and go to the far left side and far out in the distance you should see the last generator it would be easier to use the Scavenger or the Crossbow to destroy that one Step 3 (2 players needed) they will tell you to find vodka to keep them occupied,the vodka can be found in some ice above the Phd Flooper room in the corner of the rail after go to the locked door and to the left of it you can put the vodka in,Still trying to crack part 4 ill keep you posted Thanks
  4. Hi ive been looking on ascension and iv found 3 phones ive found JFK-Starting room next to the luna lander Nixon-Room imbetween the power room and the speed cola room Castro-Right next to the Phd Flopper machine and i cant find macnimara has anyone found if so can you reply please
  5. did he redeem the code on a differant account?
  6. Ive liieteraly looked everywhere and all the ones under £100 dont have the maps in if you could send me a link to one that would help:)
  7. we need one more zombie player we are going to do the easter egg add I-Pro-AUG
  8. added you both when we are all online we will get our zombie on" also instead if anyone is intrested my new psn is I-Pro-AUG
  9. Ill add tommorow im going to bed
  10. hi whoever wants to try crack the mysteryman easter egg add robertson1998
  11. Ok Thank you have some brains lol thumbed you up
  12. um......brains really makes you better also i joined a couple of weeks ago so dont hate im just new and im just asking im not begging and i will pay before you even let me on ur account also i no this is a noob question but how do you get brains and dont go being a troll
  13. Hi ive been looking around like ebay and amazon and i cant find any cheap WAW map codes they are all stupid money like 70 pounds so im offering 20 pounds via paypal for the maps by me going on ur account and re downloading them so if anyone is willing to let me go on their account for 5 mins for 20 pounds add robertson1998 and im not a hacker hackers can go to hell !!!
  14. yea but on facebook someone asked josh olin whats the last steps and losh replies wait till thursday not tuesday but are treyarch releasing the last steps to the mystery man easter egg
  15. Um....ive seen people talking about wait till Tuesday but whats goin down on Tuesday????
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