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  1. Well there all from the an undead perspective. Sarah Michelle Gellar:Vampires Michael Rooker:Walking Dead=Zombies Robert Englund:Was Freddy Krooger And Danny Trejo just fits the part of BAD-ASS
  2. Dont get me wrong, its been expected I agree, but I was at least hoping treyarch had the sense to keep to.the story, its what madd it famous after all Tbh I think treyarch are taking this piss out of zombie fans, thinking we will buy any old crap, how am I supposed to take a zombified GR seriously? Il just laugh evrrytime I see him thinking, damn you let your self go. And the irony that he his the godfather of zombies isnt lost.on me either. The storyline didn't make it famous the gameplay did. If you laugh at George Romero,that's a good thing,that's what it's there for It's like a Michael Bay Movie not too much thinking involved but really fun to play.

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