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  1. Okay my friends and I are trying to get the Excavator to go into tunnel 6. Can someone help?
  2. LOL I was in a rush trying to finish typing it.
  3. Well what do you know we get Shangri-La start the Easter Egg and they tell us we seem to be trapped can you help us. As soon as I heard this I thought two things 1.It's like Ascension EE kinda and it will be fun 2.Everyone is going to get pissed because it ended the same way Ascension ended. Everyone STFU why do you guys have to hate on 3rac zombie Easter Eggs if it wasn't for those this site most likely would have never been created and the ZOMBIE STORY would never be around. So the next time you guys (just the ones who Bi*** a lot about EE) want to bitch about how bad the EE sucked think and don't because people like me enjoyed the EE and hate HATERS who hate on it that took along time to find out and make.
  4. "2JH2Z. Yes, this is a coded message. :)" If anyone can some how break the code and tell us what it is that would help out a lot and hey who knows it might help us with some how finding the next step to the Easter Egg.
  5. I started getting into ZOMBIES when I got Black Ops and I killed it for myself because I didnt play it in [email protected] the only one I played was NDT because MP sucked because I felt 3arc only focused on ZOMBIE maps and it turned out to be true and I wish they did that in Black Ops. I had fun playing on the classic maps when I got the game and really got into ZOMBIES then I was happy for Ascension then CoTD came out then it was killed because 3arc I fell they focused on MP in Black Ops. Sorry if I dont make sense.
  6. DOME


    WOW Super Sorry Everyone I Forgot What DeadShot Was Called Really Called And Forgot All About QR and Speed Cola. Thank You Everyone For the Heads Up Guys I Will Try Not To Mess Up On Any More On My Future Posts. :?
  7. DOME


    So far from all the trailers from Shangri-La I have found three Jug, Stamina Up, and Head Shoot. Jug and Stamina up you can find on the first two videos they showed us, Head Shoot you can find on the Xbox Live video. You see the ZOMBIE gameplay near the end of the video.
  8. Oh i am richtofen I understand I wasnt sure I thought I would just put something out there I kinda figured I wouldnt be right but who knows. Thanks for the input.
  9. NOW I can be WAY off but at 1:16 when THE DOCTOR is going down the crat you see THE DOCTOR again on the ground what if that new perk can freez time and leaves a figure that the zombies will go after. Now if I make no sense just say so dont FLAME me or make FUN (just putting it out their.). 8-)
  10. Great find I would give u a point but I cant give one back to back. BUT YEA GREAT FIND! [brains]
  11. I didnt look at the lock where the main 4 guys are trapped at but when I was looking around for the lock combos they have colors in the middle go and look and see if the lock have a numbers on it for the colors. I cant see cause my teams suck so I can never get to see if they have a number on it.
  12. Thanks for the hate man. I think if they had -brains you would give it to me. Just saying you didn't have to be a dick about it. Sorry I don't feel like going through thousands and thousands of post to make sure somebody else posted something and I just felt that I could say something on here that I noticed. So you can go feel good about making someone pissed off because some dick head had to make you feel dumb good job now you can go to bed feel good.
  13. Okay dont know if you guys noticed but it is a AK-47 to me and under it, it looks like a Grenada Luncher!
  14. Mine is going to be Mr. England the original MONSTER!
  15. DOME

    Is it done yet?

    Have we found out what the last NODES were? I'm really wanting to finish it or did we all decide that it is over?
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