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  1. As most kids say: Quick scope like a real sniper No....Snipers wait sometimes for weeks eating a single bar of chocolate for food just to kill one man at a distance of sometimes over 1 mile (longest shot ever made) while some kid behind a TV screen shoots at another kid who had to pee and left the controller and says that the quick scope is a big skill Treyarch in CoD 9 Make a hard sniper mission like in CoD 4 but this time no getting discovered and running make another Vietnam based game based around not the SoG although i know i will love it but base it around normal soldiers if there are no Vietnam vets in CA fly My grandpa and me out during development and we'll tell you everything you would need to know from the standpoint of a sergeant.... IF i Flamed sorry IF i ranted i know IF you understand what I'm saying give me [brains] - Official end of JTG's infamous rant-
  2. or charge for each map that you make :D
  3. I'm proud to say I slow scope my targets and their locations for at least ten minutes before taking that 1 shot, if i miss i run up with a PPSh-41 (double tap) and unload a clip
  4. jtg


    umm kuo... as far as i can tell this is a touchy subject for carbon so keep the excess language to a minimum ok?
  5. actually when he's hit by the missile there's a hole where his face was
  6. I almost cried watching this vid ..... so so beautiful.... i now know my life in past november 9th will only be in Call of Duty Black Ops now just confirm zombies so i can sleep at night
  7. jtg

    Carlisle Building

    the wiki picture looks like the cusom zombie map Fruchurch doesn't it?
  8. He only wished to keep us occupied until Nov. 9 so he made a new account and sent himself a message no harm done to you or the forum flaming solves nothing and only will discourage his cooperation during the actual puzzle solving so, in short ,just take this with a grin of salt and be courteous enough to give a kid his chance :mrgreen:
  9. very much indeed my friend
  10. Is there any proof that it IS Sean? yes, Sean had no right toying with us and unless he admits to it like he did with Group 935 based on the info presented..... I'm gonna have to believe him.
  11. 7 lol try level 2 when you have nothing and they're the host :facepalm:
  12. Due to the agreement that carbon had signed, he can not confirm nor deny the existence or nonexistence of (a) Zombie / Horde Mode(s). Due to the Bandwidth issues with the site ,carbon and shri decided to take down our chat option to the website; it is unknown when chat if or will be reinstated. Sorry for the inconvenience, JT :mrgreen:
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