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  1. Is there an original writing on a wall ? All I can really see are letters you drew in paint... Sorry for the lack of trust here :?
  2. You can also hack any powerup and it will randomly change to perk bottle or max ammo every time.
  3. I managed to get to round 40 on Shangri-la so I don't want to be Nikolai anymore... I'm gonna be Dempsey
  4. Actually there is a Jugg in Area 51, you can see it near teleporter in one of the trailers.
  5. This is THE SAME perk machine. I have nothing more to add...
  6. I don't think you start in Area 51/Earth/Whatever. Why ? Because quick revive is ALWAYS in a starting room in Black Ops. Trailer shows us a location which is on the moon.
  7. Yeah, it's Aizen, he's badass. Anyway I guess mod can close this thread.
  8. It's STG on Verruckt, 100% sure cause I played this map many times and it looks the same as always.
  9. Beacause it's just a promo picture. Nothing to be worried about.
  10. It actually may be an increased damage to the weapon guys. See that ? Notice th orange/yellow color after shooting with mustang. It's looks similar to the VR-11...
  11. What do you think it's gonna do ? It's definitely green as you can see, maybe it will replace speed cola ? Also look at the icon. Isn't it a handgun on a green background ? Increased damage for weapons ? Or maybe something elese ?
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