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  1. I think a ranking system which defines you as a player, the more solo games you play with higher rounds and stuff would eventually give you the rank Solo Slayer and If you play online a lot and revive people and help, Team Player, if you're online but stick to your own thing would have its own name. Instead of levels you would be given a game style name. Gaming Style rank name - Description Solo Slayer - Someone who usually is on solo mode and is rarely found searching for online matches. This player usually found hording on high rounds. Team Medic - Someone who usually is found online, may not have the highest kills but he always has lost of revives and covers his team mates Team Leader - The guy who has the kills and has low number of deaths and downs in comparison of his games played. Tactical Player - The guy found attempting Easter Eggs or having a very similar tactic for each game he plays per map Juggernaut - The guy who uses the big guns and takes out multiple zombies in short blasts. Solo tactician - The guy who usually is on solo but attempting Easter Eggs ect obviously the names and descriptions aren't grat but you can understand my idea
  2. I think, on a irrelevant note, EE's should NEVER need 4 players. The frustration of wanting achievements and to do Easter eggs on solo or with just a friend or two but being unable to do so without 4 people all willing to the Easter egg and doing it right.
  3. NOTHING IS OFFICIAL - ALL MY IDEAS Contents in my post Idea: 1) "The Main Idea" 2) "The XP System" 3) "Rewards for Levelling Up" 4) "Experience for the Levels" 5) "How do friends see them?" 6) "Achievements Involved" The Main Idea: To allow for your loyalty to playing the zombies mode throughout the year, why not have a system for levelling up your weapons and perks. This has been designed so the zombie pros who get high rounds get little bit extra and those who continue to play the mode do too! All of your weapons will have their own level while the in-game perks will have one level for all the perks. Using the weapon and perks a lot will eventually make them better and much more useful and keeping the same weapon for longer periods of time will too. The XP System: Weapons: Each weapon will have a separate level like used on a few of Call of Duty's Multiplayer game modes how ever this is a little different. To get a weapon from level 1-2, it requires 100XP. To get to high levels it needs more, level 5 would require 5000XP for example. How do you get XP? Here is my list of gaining XP for that weapon. -Buy the Weapon (or acquire it from the Mystery Box): 10XP -Buy Ammo for the weapon (Max Ammos not included): 5XP -Killing a Zombie: 10XP per Zombie, 20XP per headshot, 50XP Special Zombie kill! (These all double if the weapon is Pack-a-Punched!) -Pack a Punching a Weapon: 100XP for the Pack a Punched Weapon -Buying Pack-a-Punched Weapon Ammo: 50XP -Not swapping a weapon (Keeping a weapon): 25XP per 5 Rounds! -Hit-Markers: 1XP per hit (Unsure about this one) -Special rewards, 100 zombie kills in one game (with one weapon) for example: 100XP -Higher Rounds, higher rewards: Round 30 or higher are double XP for "Killing a Zombie" section Perks: All the perks are on one progression bar (Levelling up system). This levelling up system is a little bit harder than all of the weapons as the rewards are much better. Here's a few ways to gain XP. -Buying Quick Revive: 30XP (10XP solo) -Buying Double Tap: 40XP -Buying Speed Cola: 60XP -Buying Juggernog: 50 XP -Buying Stamin-up: 40XP -Buying PHD Flopper: 40XP -Buying Deadshot Daiquiri: 30XP -Buying Mule-Kick: 80XP -Buying Tombstone: 40XP -Buying Who's Who: 40XP -Buying Electric Cherry: 40XP -Buying Vulture Aid Elixir: 60XP -Buying any new perk not out yet: (How to work out the cost): 2(CostofPerk/100) -Having a Perk without going down: 40XP per 5 rounds for each perk -Having Maximum Perks: Having 4 (or more) perks doubles the XP for each perk for the "every 4 rounds" section -Higher Rounds, higher rewards: Round 30 or higher gives you double XP Rewards for Levelling up: Weapons: The Weapon is only allowed to start with one of the Attachments unlocked. The Levels get much harder to get each time which is why rewards may seem to be at a lower level but it will be hard to acquire these. (This does not effect Wonder Weapons and there is NO prestige) Level 1: This is the default level for each weapon. Level 2: 5% increase on the levelled up weapons point income. 100 points for a head shots become 105. Level 3: Allows the Weapon to automatically come with an upgraded sight. You can chose a Weapons starting attachment in a settings area before the match. Level 4: 5% less Weapon Recoil for the levelled up weapon. Level 5: 5% extra increase in point income become 10%. Level 6: Allows the gun the Fore grip attachment lowering recoil dramatically on shot guns and light machines guns. still effects Other Guns. Level 7: Increases player movement speed and duration by making the levelled up gun 5% lighter. Level 8: (THIS ONLY CHANGES APPEARANCE NOT PERFORMANCE) The Weapon is given an optional skin, give it the classic World at War feel. The weapon will look old and slightly damaged. Level 9: Extended Magazine Attachment is now available. The weapon will start off with 50% more Bullets per magazine! Level 10: Bullet damage increases by 5%. Level 11: 5% extra decrease in weapon recoil. Now at 10%. Level 12: (THIS ONLY CHANGES APPEARANCE NOT PERFORMANCE) The Weapon will now have another optional skin. You now have the choice for a futuristic clean look for those Black ops 2 fans. Level 13: An extra 15% on point increase, totalling an impressive 25% point rewards for Weapons. 100 point head shots become 125. Level 14: The weapon unlocks another optional attachment, Muzzle Brakes, allow for more range on the weapon. Level 15: Shot speed increases. Single fire weapons can be fired quicker, automatic weapons become slightly faster and the time between shots on bolt fire or slow firing weapons shortens. Level 16 (Submachine guns and Rifles): Grenade Launcher attachment is now available. Level 16 (Pistols): Dual wield Level 16: (Shot Guns): Bullet Damage increases by 5% Level 16 (all the others): Recoil decreases by an extra 5%. Now at 15%. Level 17: 10% extra bullet damage, now at 15%. (20% for shot guns) Level 18: Your point increase becomes 50%, another 25%! Headshots with this gun are 150 points instead of 100. Level 19: Your Weapon will replenish a magazine worth of bullets at the end of a round. Level 20: (THIS ONLY CHANGES APPEARANCE NOT PERFORMANCE) Your Weapon is giving few new skins for your weapon. Including Apocalypse which gives the weapon a destroy blood stained appearance. Level 21: Your weapon is now able to have two attachments from any unlocked ones. Level 22: Increases players movement speed and duration by making the gun an extra 10% lighter. Now being 15% lighter. Level 23: The Reload speed of the Weapon increase by 10%! Lovely extra for you speed cola fans Level 24: Weapon costs lower. This weapon will be 10% cheaper to buy, upgrade and by ammo for! If this gun comes out of the box, once you receive the gun you are refunded 95 points to allow this to work. Level 25: (THIS ONLY CHANGES APPEARANCE NOT PERFORMANCE) You gain a few more skins for your weapon. This includes the Royal skin, parts of the gun appear a clean wooden with a few golden areas. Level 26: The Flame thrower attachment is available for all guns it works with. Level 27: Gun swapping and knifing become 20% quicker for this weapon. Level 28: Weapon Costs lower again to 20% cheaper to buy. Same as before. you now get refunded 190 points if you gain your weapon from the mystery box Level 29: Points increases to 75%. Level 30: Bullet damage for your weapon jumps to 50% extra damage. (55% for shotguns) Perks: All perks share one levelling up system. This is because some perks not on some maps. Level 1: Default Level 2: Quick Revive is 5% faster to revive. Level 3: Double tap gun fire rate increases by an extra 5% Level 4: Speed Colas reload speed increase doubles Level 5: Speed Cola and PHD increases in chance in any form on random perk system like in Origins. Level 6: PHD Flopper explosion range increases by 5% Level 7: Electric Cherry's explosion radius increases slightly Level 8: Mulekick comes with an increased weapon swap speed. Level 9: Stamin-Up effects increases by 5% Level 10: Juggernog will allow an extra hit before death. Level 11: Quick Revives 5% increases from level 22 becomes 10%. Level 12: A 5th Perk slot becomes available Level 13: Random bottle perks become more common in games. Level 14:Perks decrease in price by 10%. Speed Cola becomes 2700 for example. Level 15: Randomiser is unlocked. You spawn with a random perk (excluding Juggernog, Speed Cola and Mulekick) Experience for the Levels: XP continues and doesn't reset to 0 each level. The levels become very hard so the levels last and feel much better once accomplished. Weapons Level XP: Level 1: 0XP Level 2: 100XP Level 3: 200XP Level 4: 400XP Level 5: 750XP Level 6: 1150XP Level 7: 1600XP Level 8: 2100XP Level 9: 3000XP Level 10: 4000XP Level 11: 5250XP Level 12: 7500XP Level 13: 10000XP Level 14: 14000XP Level 15: 19000XP Level 16: 25000XP Level 17: 31500XP Level 18: 38500XP Level 19: 46500XP Level 20: 55000XP Level 21: 64000XP Level 22: 74000XP Level 23: 85250XP Level 24: 100000XP Level 25: 115000XP Level 26: 132000XP Level 27: 150000XP Level 28: 170000XP Level 29: 200000XP Level 30: 250000XP Perks: Level 1: 0 Level 2: 300 Level 3: 750 Level 4: 1500 Level 5: 3000 Level 6: 5000 Level 7: 7500 Level 8: 11000 Level 9: 15000 Level 10: 20000 Level 11: 26000 Level 12: 33000 Level 13: 41000 Level 14: 50000 Level 15: 60000 How do friends see them? Each player will come with a player card which is a rectangle with Your Zombie Slaying level and Gamertag. Underneath them is WL: and PL: which everyone in your lobby sees. Here is a very bad example: 15 Ash Medley WL: 5 PL: 3 Achievements Involved Here is a list of achievements I imagine would involve my ideas: 10G: "Here we Go!" - Level up your Weapon level or Perk level for the first time. 20G: "True Slayer" - Reach Maximum level for one Weapon on the Zombies Game mode. 20G: "Perkaholic" - Reach Maximum level for your perks on Zombies Game mode. 50G: "The best around!" - Get maximum Perk Level and Maximum weapon level (for one gun) on Zombies Game mode. Post by Ash Medley
  4. Thank you so much for the friendly welcome
  5. Thank you for the reply I've always enjoyed reading the forums
  6. So, this is an idea I feel a lot of people may agree too. Basically a game mode beneath custom private and solo matches. It would contain modes such as "challenge mode" where you get a selection of fan based ideas like "Pistols only" or "First room only". This could allow for many different experiences from just one map and make zombies last longer. The issue with zombies is you have limited maps and a choice between solo or online, imagine being able to have challenge modes. You open a map and choose "Knife only" or "unlimited horde mode" where you play the map like normal except it's like Area 51 (Moon) where it's zombies none stop heading in and slowly getting harder to kill. No mid round break You would split up the zombies between you and buy a door normally and plan ahead but with unlimited zombies spawning in you will have to kill and move. How long would you last? Any input on my idea? I think would give you multiple different views of the same map having different ways to play it. Making the Zombies Experience last much much longer!
  7. Yeah hahahaha, www.youtube.com/user/AshJMedley, only a menu video on there for zombies. Still yet to post more..
  8. Great idea ! Very detailed. Lets my imagination create an image of it
  9. Please respond with ideas. Even if you didn't like my design
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4vgcqKQE3Y Heres an idea for the 2015 zombies menu concept. Designed my self. Shows loading up the game and starting up a classic map (Shangri La). Let me know what you think, Ideas, constructive critism. And if you're feeling nice give it a like;) Love zombies and hopefully will make more stuff based on it
  11. AshMedley


    Hey:3 Making an account for this site is long overdue. I look forward to great posts from fellow-slayers of the dead.
  12. Hey, I wanted to post some ideas of future zombie maps, ideas, game modes, bosses and story ideas on my channel (Link will be at the end). I'm not a big you-tuber and in fact, I am actually quite new. But one thing I should have in common with the people reading this is a love for Zombies. Loved WaW up to Black Ops 2. I always come up with cool ideas with my friend for maps or guns ect and never have anywhere to post them. So Today I got an account on here. And I will start uploading more zombie ideas. Im a fan of photoshop and I wouldnt mind for some ideas to be thrown my way. All the Videos ending with Credit to the person who gave me and Idea or put towards it. I know the Zombies community is great, so thanks for reading and please, if you have constructive critism for me or ideas for zombie related things. Let me know Ash
  13. Welcome to the forums AshMedley :)

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