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  1. So this is a thought but I'm hoping other people agree. I want the next game by Treyarch to be another World war 1-2 based game. Imagine the next gen graphics of world at war style zombie gameplay with lots of features because of new console limits. Not much but what do you guys feel to a world war style Next-gen Zombies game. Campaign and multiplayer on the game as well as zombies obviously but its a zombies discussion
  2. I think a ranking system which defines you as a player, the more solo games you play with higher rounds and stuff would eventually give you the rank Solo Slayer and If you play online a lot and revive people and help, Team Player, if you're online but stick to your own thing would have its own name. Instead of levels you would be given a game style name. Gaming Style rank name - Description Solo Slayer - Someone who usually is on solo mode and is rarely found searching for online matches. This player usually found hording on high rounds. Team Medic - Someone who usually is found online,
  3. I think, on a irrelevant note, EE's should NEVER need 4 players. The frustration of wanting achievements and to do Easter eggs on solo or with just a friend or two but being unable to do so without 4 people all willing to the Easter egg and doing it right.
  4. NOTHING IS OFFICIAL - ALL MY IDEAS Contents in my post Idea: 1) "The Main Idea" 2) "The XP System" 3) "Rewards for Levelling Up" 4) "Experience for the Levels" 5) "How do friends see them?" 6) "Achievements Involved" The Main Idea: To allow for your loyalty to playing the zombies mode throughout the year, why not have a system for levelling up your weapons and perks. This has been designed so the zombie pros who get high rounds get little bit extra and those who continue to play the mode do too! All of your weapons will have their own level while the in-game perks will h
  5. Thank you so much for the friendly welcome
  6. Thank you for the reply I've always enjoyed reading the forums
  7. So, this is an idea I feel a lot of people may agree too. Basically a game mode beneath custom private and solo matches. It would contain modes such as "challenge mode" where you get a selection of fan based ideas like "Pistols only" or "First room only". This could allow for many different experiences from just one map and make zombies last longer. The issue with zombies is you have limited maps and a choice between solo or online, imagine being able to have challenge modes. You open a map and choose "Knife only" or "unlimited horde mode" where you play the map like normal except it's li
  8. Wow, that is certainly well developed and I see you've put a lot of effort into it. Looks great! Purhaps however you could change the music to something a bit more upbeat, like "aether" from origins. thank you
  9. Yeah hahahaha, www.youtube.com/user/AshJMedley, only a menu video on there for zombies. Still yet to post more..
  10. I have a basic idea for menu. For a Cod:Zombies 2015 game. quite hard to describe, but I actually made what I thought I could looked like here^
  11. Great idea ! Very detailed. Lets my imagination create an image of it
  12. Please respond with ideas. Even if you didn't like my design
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4vgcqKQE3Y Heres an idea for the 2015 zombies menu concept. Designed my self. Shows loading up the game and starting up a classic map (Shangri La). Let me know what you think, Ideas, constructive critism. And if you're feeling nice give it a like;) Love zombies and hopefully will make more stuff based on it
  14. AshMedley


    Hey:3 Making an account for this site is long overdue. I look forward to great posts from fellow-slayers of the dead.
  15. I think, like the blundergat, they should have more wacky combinations of weaponry to create unique and unusual outcomes. Nothing I like more than opening a box to a crazy-looking weapon when I first play a map.
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