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  1. your right, der reise does mean the travel. but the map is der riese which means the giant. so im thinking that your a bit off with this. but i dont understand where people are getting the zurück part? My thought on the whole Z use in the word was simply because it was Zombies and as the whole pack is Zombies it ties it together.
  2. A couple ideas that i had would be a stopping power style perk or a deep impact perk? Stopping Power - obviously would be increased damage (which combined with Jugg would be pretty effective and would save ammo) Deep Impact - not too sure how much of a difference it would make but being able to get bullets through more than the current number of zombies (which i think is 3? so in theory you could then get some quads +) I'd like to see a perk that is in someway going to be related to the environment. Possibly one related to the gravity allowing you to jump long distances etc. like has been previously mentioned but im sure this would have its downfalls too
  3. sounds highly likely to me that you are on the money. Lends its self to the idea of being able to have a 2nd stage of PAP in that we would get the Ray Gun > Porters X2 > Wave Gun. However i feel that if it is a new wonderweapon, and this is how it is aquired, its not quite as suggested as a new wonder weapon but simply a new upgrade. Which would be little different from other double PAP'd guns that we could get. Perhaps this is what you can pull from the box and there is an upgraded version/s still, although this sounds a little OTT.
  4. I suppose they could always put in a song and then still not make another installment. I have a feeling that there will more to come from CoD Zombies though. Its taken off so well, i'd be supprised if they just let it end like this.
  5. Sounds like interesting stuff, I completely overlooked the whole idea haha. Will try get a chance to read into it a little. But by the time i get to do that the map pack will be out already no doubt!
  6. If we had the QED and then got Gersch Devices from the box, would it simply replace it like it would a weapon, or maybe it will take a slot on the D-Pad similar to the claymores/spikemores. 1st one sounds interesting, a bit like a Wunderwaffe, maybe it could attack you too if you get too close, maybe making you really slow? I cant see it being the second one because that would just be like getting a nuke on demand. Third one sounds similar to the wonderweapon in CotD but then i dont see a 'curse' side to it. I have the same thought with the bottom two, whats a 'bless' side to them? oh and whats a Phaser Zombie? I quite like the first idea but I would hope that whatever this device does it is more different to what we've seen before. Im trying to link something with the 'entanglement' part of the name that can be both positive and negative :S
  7. Haven't seen much about this mentioned and wondered what peoples take on it is. Treyarch stated that it would be able to 'bless' or 'curse' a player. I'm assuming that it will be similar to the monkey bomb or Gersch device etc. in that it wont take up a primary/secondary weapon slot, but what could it do that can just as easily backfire on our favourite characters? sorry if this has already been posted but i havent noticed it, and im trying to get a little more involved in the community :)
  8. Yeah im pretty sure it was just a promotional image and will have no effect on the rest of the game.
  9. By point color. White - Tank Yellow - Takeo Blue - Nikolai Green - Richtofen. thats clearly not what i meant. and if you'd read the rest of the comments that would have become clearer still
  10. Mabey there helmets will be see through, I know it would probably look a little wierd but that's the only way that I could imagine it, or with name tag's. I was thinking they'll have their own nationalities Space Suit, but I dont know how big a difference they'll each have, or how this might come about as a plausable part of the story.
  11. I will be paying for my version sadly, but on the plus side I will be getting 5 zombie maps which I have never played before so it'll be like a Zombie Christmas this is all in the event that I have enough memory on my hard drive. anyone have any ideas on how big this download might be? may have to delete even more saved games until I can save up for a larger HDD and transfer cable :|
  12. arent the original maps different in some ways from the [email protected] maps though?
  13. glad to see that it will actually be the ol' crew. I'd imagine they'll all be in Spacesuits, but will they be distinguishable from one another when you look at them I wonder?
  14. Ok, so I'm using my phone whilst waiting on a friend so as a result haven't read every post on this thread, but from what I have read I haven't seen anyone question the location of Shangri-la. As far as I'm aware shangri-la isn't a real location, and so to put it down as it being located in shangri-la cannot be accurate. I believe everyone can agree that its in Asia somewhere? And from the little I know of the proposed whereabouts of 'shangri-la' its considered to likely be around abouts the Himalayas, Nepal. Sorry if this has already been picked up or someone has some good evidence to suggest I'm miles off the mark but it still has the location as that on the first post.
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