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  1. My god. 1 reveal for one map, and you guys act like you are done already. Calm down. We have no idea what other maps are coming at a later date. We didn't think the original characters were gonna be in Call of the Dead either, but then the big easter egg showed they were. We have NO idea what big easter egg could be here. ;)
  2. LOL Ok good. I thought i would've been like, very very late in making one.
  3. Not getting my hopes up, so in other words, I'll believe it when i see it.
  4. yes, yes it will be! :)
  5. The only reason he started this thread was because him and I play together a lot. His internet is crap, and he's lagged out a lot. If join session would be there, we wouldn't have to worry about starting over from the beginning. Also, i get the whole "survival" thing, but theres also been times when we've started a game with 2-3 people and then someone else wants to play. If they would come in then, they would only spawn with a pistol and 1500 points, so they would still have to fight to survive.
  6. Lol, i'll try not to let you down. I'm out of school for the summer, so that'll make things a lot easier!
  7. Hey guys. I've been here a while, actually over a year now, but as you can tell i don't post much. So thats why I'm posting my intro so late. Usually, if i don't post, i'm just "lurking" haha. But i plan on being more active, especially with Black Ops 2 right around the corner! I usually am up for zombies whenever. I was apart of the team that finished the Easter Egg on shangri-la, almost first in the world with RedDeadRiot, Strwrsbob, and Dream. I've been up to round 40 on almost all the maps, solo or co-op. Send me a message/friend request if you wanna play sometime. Also, follow me on twitter @Sz0ACiiDRaiN. I livestream occasionally, but i'll definitely be streaming more once Black ops 2 comes out. And i have a youtube channel. youtube.com/Sz0RainGaming
  8. I could really see this happening now, and i really hope it happens. Considering its on the multiplayer engine now, there's definitely a strong possibility of it happening. :D
  9. As someone already said, its stuff we've already seen sadly. The Singapore mission of strike force, and then some campaign.
  10. I have the same feeling like most in this thread. I think it'll just be the campaign, maybe a little multiplayer. I would not be surprised though if they showed like a glimpse of something.
  11. He tweeted not too long ago #Tacitus. He's definitely putting emphasis into it.
  12. I think my biggest would be, as many have said, is if the old characters don't return. I think they will, cause the end of the moon easter egg was a big cliff hanger. But who knows with 3arc.
  13. Im sorry what now? Its alot harder doing it on solo than it is online, theres no one to share points and have different people get the gersh /qed for a start, plus you only get 3 revives solo, thats it. The reward of getting all the perks is completely jusified if you completed it solo IF you use my idea of using the solo quick revive script rules, 3 downs and your out. Im sorry but ive alreay completed it online nearly 10 times now and as my op said im trying my best to prove it can be done solo, as theres really no need for it not to be (as i can get upto the plates step with no trouble at all) If your gonna ask a question, it would probably be best NOT to bash everyone that gives you a answer thats their opinion. And from what I've seen, you can do cryogenic slumber party, but you can't do big bang theory, simply because you don't start out with the golden rod. I've done it numerous times solo, at least 4-5 and every time, i NEVER had the golden rod. No Rod=No Big Bang theory complete.
  14. hmmm....very interesting. I want to let you know i subconsciously told you that without knowing it was true when it was true LMAO um what? lol
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