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  1. As a more behind-the-scenes point, Takeo isn't talking simply because Tom Kane wasn't there to do his voice. I wouldn't be surpised that he would be the busiest of the four VAs (or the least attached to the role). Or perhaps they didn't want to fly him over to wherever to do such few lines. Remember that Tom Kane didn't participate in the BO Shi No Numa easter egg (Takeo doesn't speak, he throws up), or in the Zombie Bells album. They don't seem to bring him in unless there's an actual level and Takeo has a lot of lines. This "Takeo barfs" gag does have its uses.
  2. I was under the impression that Yuri was dead. The ball of light was his spirit being freed or whatever. It would explain the whole "disembodied voice" deal, which by the character's quotes isn't coming from some speaker, but it is in fact them hearing a voice.
  3. On Richtofen's page in the Call of Duty Wiki, someone claimed that while playing him on Ascension, you can actually hear voices, or a single voice, that whisper to him. The voice allegedly sounds like Richtofen. Presumably this isn't something you can hear while playing the other three characters. The Wiki is probably one of the least trustworthy places to get information on Zombies for various reasons, one being that people have posted random, false, and, honestly, idiodic things in Trivia sections before. Not to mention, hearing Richtofen's voice while playing as him is far from unthinkable. However, this was an interesting enough tidbit to warrant further investigation. Does anyone know anything about this? Or can anyone with a 360 try playing Richtofen on solo to see if you can hear anything? The exact quote from the page goes: "In Ascension, it is possible to hear the voices in his head as when you play as him, the player might hear a whispering voice similar to his own telling him things." Thank you for your time.
  4. It looks like someone's finally been able to rip the voice files from Black Ops. ATM, they're still uploading, but I'll post links to the ones currently up. I apologize if this is old. For me, I've been looking for complete, clean versions of the lines ever since Black Ops. came out. FSf7jVbvdhM "You have all been fooled! Just like Peter. AHAHAHAHA!!" :twisted: Richtofen (almost) comfirmed for killing Peter. lOJq5W3_l0 Apparently the Wunderwaffe DG-2 was originally set to be in Kino, but was removed. 8HdR6KXPfTM Damn Capitalists.
  5. Good God, why do I keep seeing people say he (and Nikolai) look "a little" zombie-fied? 1. That's not how becoming a zombie fucking works. 2. If they were ANY part zombie they wouldn't be toting around guns shooting at the OTHER zombies. 3. They've been fighting endless hoards of zombies for who knows how long. Yeah, they're gonna look like shit. Of course they're bloodied and ragged!
  6. It's clearly Richtofen with a new outfit. I draw Richtofen a lot, and study whatever pictures of his face I can find, so I recognized him instantly.
  7. True, this isn't found in the console versions, but the audio file for this can be found in the PC version's files. Everyone's heard it already. Still, [brains] for finding it.
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