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  1. haha just thought i would see if it ment anything :D
  2. Sorry if this has been mentioned before but i have looked through all the old topics and i dont think anyone has mention it but when you teleport into the projection room, the blackboard has loads of writing on and diagrams of stuff. There is also writing on the other side. So i was just wondering what all of it ment or if anyone had a picture of it? Thanks [brains]
  3. Yeah a couple a times, didnt think too much off it accept it and was very happy about it but it hasent happened since the 2nd to last patch though :S
  4. When ever i get bored of black ops normal games, i go to do cheap wager matches because the 4 different game modes are really fun and are a nice change from the normal multiplayer so i would suggest doing a couple of these games every once in a while :D
  5. If the amm-o-mattic did exist then i would have it like the mystery box only you pay around 500 and you get a certain amount of ammo for that gun, so its random form 1 bullet to 200 bullets (this amount depends on certain guns) so you could loose out on luck and only get 1 bullet. What do you think of that idea?
  6. Best find ever!!!!! Brains for you [brains]
  7. Or, maybe we just need to do what we did on Nuketown: shoot them all in a "record-breaking time". BTW, Hiphopmike, is it just me or does your profile picture look like Dempsey? P.S. Sorry for double post Just a thought, but can you see all the targets from the tower cause you might have to shoot em all from there in a certain time ? :P
  8. Has got to be something to do with the targets, there must a way to hit them all in a certain type or order for them to do something good find!!
  9. Gary, them videos where exactly what i wanted to know, thank you , Brains for you [brains]
  10. What will the money donated now go towards? Cause i am starting to like this forum and would very happily donate :D
  11. Not to sure about this but call of duty wikia say this
  12. I still really want it to be a creature that produces the crawlers, But good thought on the maces :D
  13. Did was wondering what kindof of things people post in this forum, and also whats is the deal with brain things [brains] ? Hopefully you will be hearing a lot from me :D
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