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  1. Also, in my personal opinion, I think people are looking into the quote "ascend from darkness" much too literally. The cold war, nuclear arms race, space race, ect. are all significant in the birth of the modern age. Sputnik (blueprints behind monkey diagram) was the first man made object to orbit the earth. Russians launched this completely by surprise to the US. This was what spurred the space race between the Soviets and America. In order to reach the moon first, ALOT of new technology had to be developed, most significant was the computer. Before this computers were gigantic, often filling entire rooms. We NEEDED to develop a much smaller one to serve as the guidance computer for our flight to the moon, because as we know necessity is the mother of invention. Along with all of this was the refinement process of aluminum which was used significantly in the development of the Saturn 5 rockets that took us to the moon. We needed a light but strong metal and at that time, because aluminum had never really been needed, it was one of the most valuable metals on the planet... Now we wrap our leftovers in it... Point being, everything we know today is based upon technology developed to take man into space. So "ascend from darkness" may very well be referring to mans step into the modern age. Thus possibly relating it to this Russian cosmodrome from which Sputnik was launched... Just a thought...
  2. Why did so many people even START to believe those pics. Treyarch always does a fantastic job with lighting effects and graphics in general. Those pics show a map that is far from professional... I mean literally laughable that someone would try to pass them off as the real thing. I mean common guys, I know everyone is geeked about the new map but 3arc isn't going to release shit like that, even if for some unimaginable reason they would secretly release a beta to a few people. They have a standard of quality to maintain, why the hell would they release such crap. Nobody has played the new map and no one will until it's released... I understand being hopeful, but there's no sense in setting yourself up for disappointment... Everyone needs to just keep looking for clues and look forward to killin some zombies, and STOP BELIEVING ALL OF THIS CRAP
  3. That diagram behind the monkey is blue prints for Sputnik... So that might shine some light on the situation...

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