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  1. This has no relevance but it's actually called "right ascension and declination" - and it's the coordinate system for the stars (the little numbers you see when you use google sky) and for people suggesting a moon map that somehow ties in with the title ascension by being right ascension then find a number that matches up with the coordinates of the moon. (Use google sky and search moon)
  2. Do the suggested login names have home directories? I'm not sure how that works all I understand is that it can be used to confirm the username. Can someone explain that to me? How would you prove that someone has a /home directory without knowing a filename within that directory. (like what would I type in the terminal to do that)
  3. The numbers are just that of the file. The first file created on the computer that Maxis had was numbered A00001. The next one would be A00002 and so on. When they reached A99999 they would move onto B0001. The documents are spaced out in numbers because that was all that the CIA was able to recover. For the main characters, there are some theories floating around that they were tested on and is why they don't seem to have any memories outside of zombie killing. Though it could be speculated for Takeo that he was part of a Japanese base of Group 915 and as involved with creating zombies there(this is just a theory, do not take this as canon). Tank was the sole survivor of an extraction team, he may have been seen by escaping scientist or captured later on and tested after wards when he was brought to a facility that had not been touched by the outbreak. As for Nikolai, maybe he was just a soldier who wandered a bit too far from the battlefield and was also captured by Group 915. Yes but if that is true wouldn't that prove that Tank Takeo and Nikolai were involved in group 935's activities before Shi no Numa? My point was that because the files of Richtofen being B6 (before B7) that Takeo Nickolai and Tank were involved before Maxis died which could have some importance in solving the server problem.
  4. I have been thinking about the numbers on the servant files for a while and asked a cousin of mine what he thought they meant; he thought they meant to show when they were recorded in the system. -Here is the evidence to support that claim: ServantA00001.txt “Greetings “i am ludvig maxis “today is 20 January 1942 “my daughter has a dog “it’s name is fluffy “this is File 1 “for storage in the data “servant “I trust in it’s success However.... When you get to this file.... ServantA00115.txt “Element 115 overview: “Sources include meteors found in “Shi No Numa “Tunguska “Groom Lake “Der Riese “Moon (Confirmed via Astronomical team) “Applications include: “Transporter technology “Power source for DG-2 “General weapon upgrades via CWZIMOJZDUNINXPJZEKWZOLIEXZ “Side effects include: “Reanimation of dead cells “Vin inherent electrical properties. If you missed the connection I was trying to make; its that one of these files is the first and has a number that shows it is the first, but there is a file with a number that could have been just for relevance. Was it really the 115th file put in there that just happened to mention element 115? I suppose it is possible but very unlikely. So I took another file and compared it to see if the numbers were more relevant or perhaps gave a sense of time. ServantA00359.txt “Ray Gun summary: “Prototype developed by “Doctor Ludvig Maxis, “origin Der Riese facility “Based on designs seized from “Rising Sun facility at SNN. “Powered by Element 115 “Ray Gun works on microwave technology “And discharges a burst of green “Plasma energy between 220 and 230V. “Second generation currently under “Development by H. Porter “To reduce excessive peripheral “Damage. As you can clearly see the numbers are not relevant and although it is not conclusive that those numbers are the actual entry they put in it is far more likely. So assume that those numbers in fact show the chronological order that each file was put into the data servant and observe the following entries. ServantB67129.txt Experiments ongoing. “Observed a new effect “As a result of experiments. “Dr. Edward Richtofen as witness “Outlines as follows: “Tank Dempsey “Nikolai Belinski “Takeo Masaki “Subjects display unique “Side effects “Compared to previous “Subjects. “Baseline psyche remains “Intact, “But all specific memories “Have been lost. “Dr. Richtofen will continue “Observations. ServantB70001.txt “Ludwig Maxis “Personal file. “I fear Sophia “Has grown unnecessarily “Attached to me. “I catch her looking “In my direction “But she quickly looks away. “I admit “She is an attractive “Specimen. “I should send her away “She is a distraction “From my work. “My mind wanders to thoughts “Of her. ServantB70326.txt Ludwig Maxis “Personal File. “Edward has grown impatient. “He insists on accelerating “Our projects. “Regardless of the fact that “The 115 is limited. “He grows angry. Short “It was a mistake to invite him. “He cannot be trusted. “He watches me. “He watches Samantha. “He watches Sophia “And his latest creation “The monkey. “It screams when set aflame. “Then again “Perhaps it is the 115 “Affecting my mind. “I can no longer discern. Why is Richtofen observing Tank Nikolai and Takeo before Dr Maxis died? the file with B6 at the beginning shows that the entry for such observations were recorded before Maxis got suspicious of Richtofen. So- how does that relate to the servers? Either I am correct about it being time relevant or those numbers mean something important that you can not understand at first glance. Tell me what you guys think about this. Open to criticism~ just trying to contribute.

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