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  1. People are starting to says that theres a fifth lander spot? They try to get to it by using the landers over and over again. But what if you turn on the power and then use the lander at the starting room? This could work because of the fact that if you use one of the other landers the one in the main room will bring you back to the previous location. Could work.
  2. how do we go from a theater in germany to a launch pad in russia
  3. I was thinking... If stamin-up is marathon then it could be a blueberry energy drink! theres already a real stamin-up
  4. Did anybody notice that dempsy jumps into the black hole at 2:15 and disappears
  5. wonder if the monkeys are attracted to the monkey bomb
  6. why the hell would you want a uav in zombies
  7. I was playing der riese on black ops and i was richstofen(cant spell his name right) I had the upgraded the commando and galiel, bouncing bettys and 3 perks. I had just got enough to buy juggernort so i got a crawler. I bought it and i lost all my perks,bettys and commando. All i had left was my upgraded galiel and i couldnt use my knife. I ran out of ammo and the zombies were comeing so i used the teliporter and got all my stuff back. Has this happend to any body else?
  8. This is from waw.but is not a map pack.its one of the modded maps that people on the pc can make with a few programs so its a fake
  9. its all im my post called Black ops map pack 2!!!!
  10. I didnt do this. I found it while looking at acsension videos
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZE4Mp25zsgQ&feature=related The maps are: Out skirts Ice breakers hotel cubetown cargo
  12. Removed Moved to proper section viewtopic.php?f=59&t=4601
  13. Yes the island is located near England they used it during world war 2. And in the 1950s by the NSA to tap in to worldwide communication which was a secret project by the us government called Echlon. It's nowhere near Britain, it's just off the coast of South America... And I'm sure this has been mentioned in a few of the other topics about Ascension, I mentioned it here and it's talked about a bit more here. It is located off the coast of south america but it is part of british over seas territory. It was used as a safe haven and coaling station to mariners during world war 2>
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