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  1. If u don't think there's anything big up in there what do u think about those roars of a giant and u can hear some kind of punchs and kicks on the roof and if on the roof there are a lot of nova6 why the roof is coming down only with only roof pieces and no gassers falling? u know when u walk nd go through a hole u fall down with everything u walked on so if these crawlers are flies and they can save themselves just flying when they make a hole throught a roof,so tell me why there are no falling crawlers when the roof goes down.!! ah and thanks to the guy who said takeo's words about the giant thing thnks man! [brains]
  2. i think there Is something giant on the roof not about the giant project cuz it itends der riese project i dont think the roof comes down for the amount of crawlers cuz if the roof comes down for that reason why there arent crawlers falling with it but just roof pieces? Ah and remember der riese means the giant i know but remember they are germans so maybe when dr. Maxis talked about the giant not about der riese (the map).
  3. yeah i know it doesn't make any sense.
  4. well where this theory come from? Samantha unleashes hellhounds? The voice u hear when it's dog round it's not samanthas. Samantha has a little voice not an horror film voice like that 1 what the tronist says? "catch their souls"right?
  5. i think the teddy bear is the main character of the evil side u can hear sometimes one of the characters say teddy is a liar which make us think that he's lying about his true identity maybe he represents as a metaphoric symbol evil or the evil himself or u know what's the bad side of everything.
  6. she's just a little girl who wants to play she's not gigantic cuz when she teleported her soul get fused with the 115 and she can't be a killer cuz she rewards the characters with power-ups.
  7. your theory can be possible but minus then the 3% cuz samantha became a teddy bear cuz she went throught a teleporter??? and what the hell u must pay her for get power ups?O.o never mind this is my opinion about ur theory.
  8. внимание this is what i read on the video on the down screen in the video. explanation after the edit.
  9. i dont think so.that thing is not simply flying up, that thing is FLYING TO THE HOLE!! is not simply going up casually.
  10. watch this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIUfD-T4t3U and tell me forum what the hell is that thing flying on the top of the roof at 3:16 at the end of the registration of the radio (look at ur right)
  11. I noticed on the left side of the thundergun russian writings which mean caution and something too much small 4 me 2 read it and why the thundergun is russian? Post replies so we can continue the discussion about it.
  12. nacht der untoten verruckt shi no numa kino der toten five another one and dead ops
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