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  1. did you not read my comment?? :facepalm:
  2. the 'curran' book refers to a sign outside the nap on firing range it's rumoured to be the next zombie map as there is a mystery box bear, window boards, vodka bottles and boxes that look like the random weapon box hope this helps a bit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdyLFv3mzvY this video should help(not mine)
  3. #25 if you think it's dead shoot it some more
  4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casimir_effect
  5. what does that do so does this means that stanimm-up replaces double-tap... well josh olin said there's new perks not getting rid of any :idea:
  6. you guys are forgeting we havent seen all the map yet theres probs somthin that opens the rocket or somthin
  7. ok some good finds but some issuses with some 1st the pap room clock isnt messed up when the hand gets to 12 u teleport back 2nd the letters are illuminati code you'll need to look a code sheet somewhere 3rd it's not a dentist it's a scientist and the letters are initials Edward A. Richtofen that or some else at group 935 has those initals i no it's someone at group 935 because the slide that there no letters if you look up near the top right of the screen it has the numbers 935
  8. if you look closely on five one of the walls where the zombies come through in the spawn area the room behind the wall is the roket room on kino
  9. interesting theory but he can't have made the wunderwaffe because in der riese theres a radio that maxis talks about development on the thing!!! i think it's a good theory he's trying to make new wepons but there's no point he's not human :shock: when ever he's close he makes a weird sound AND when he moves the numbers from the campaign and teleporters come flying out his back (unless thats maybe a side effect from teleporting too much!) also the amount of bullets you have too pump into him he doesn't even feel it! atleast you can tell the zombies are taking damage they bleed!
  10. whats the clan tag n what embelem
  11. i've got a few things to say first no1 has mentioned that on five in the p.a.p room there's a photo of richtofen DUH no one noticed that they have a pic of an insane nazi in the pentagon???? second is you look closely in one of the corners in the signiture of the artist:wendee (if any one knows about her let me know) finally (a bit off subject) some people wrote they're new to hidden storys this should help http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pz0ZdyZaKuQ
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