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  1. Sorry man, didn't notice... I was just snooping around the Internet looking for Ascension info.
  2. Official Wallpaper for the new map pack from oxm... lol is that Takeo on the left. And if it is, they all have Wonder-Weapons. Including The DG-2!!!!!!!!!111 *Edit, Larger picture for better detail.* http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb2 ... 001881.jpg Here is the proof: http://www.oxm.co.uk/viewer.php?mode=article&id=17195
  3. *EDIT* Adding new weapons to list, as they are found. Look at this link, don't know if it's legit or not. But check it out. http://www.thetechgame.com/Forums/viewt ... 73401.html Map Description: Abandoned Soviet Cosmodrome (Cosmodrome is a Launch Facility) Playable Characters: Dempsey Nikolai Takeo Richtoffen Enemies: Zombies Space Monkeys (Steals your Perks & POSSIBLY Weapons) Wall Guns M14 Olympia MPL MP5K PM63 Stakeout PPSh-41 Claymores M16 Uzi Frag Grenades AK74u Mystery Box Guns: AK47 AUG Commando Enfield G11 Galil MAC-11 Skorpion HS10 Spas-12 HK21 M60 Dragonuv L96A1 WA2000 Makarov Python M72 LAW RPG Ballistic Knife Crossbow Ray Gun Thundergun Winter's Howl Perks: Speed Cola Jugger-Nog Double Tap Quick Revive New Perks: Stamin-Up (Marathon/Infinite Sprint) PhD Flopper (Tactical Mask or Steady Aim) Power-Ups: Max Ammo Double Points Insta-Kill Nuke Carpenter Death Machine Fire Sale Pack-a-Punch Sale Easter Eggs: Nikolai's Vodka is Hidden, Find it for Power-Ups! Don't give me flak for posting, just found it and had to add it.
  4. C&C4 Ascension looks like Black Ops? Start watching at 1:04 till the end. Hmm, I don't know. Just a weird similarity to the Black Ops Campaign.
  5. Does anyone have a link, or can direct me to where I can see the pictures of the Camo's for Black Ops. Or what they look like... lol Thanks in advance
  6. Probably favorite class: Primary- Ak-74u Suppressed Secondary- Ballistic Knife/ Crossbow. Lethal, Semtex Tactical, Flash Grenade Equipment, Motion Sensor Perks- Ghost - Undetectable by the Spy Plane and the Blackbird. Sleight of Hand - Faster reloads. Ninja - Silent movement.
  7. I totally believe this guy lol... Seriously man no one will believe vague random idea's.
  8. I'm really thinking they might tease zombies, even if its a trailer for the remade maps... Upgraded 74u FTW!!!
  9. Even if incendiary ammo does come... A sg is already a one-shot kill at close range... So it's mostly just for show... BTW this time the Spas is Auto.
  10. BTW, the weapon in the 'Prestige Edition Trailer' was a VSS, Not a Dragunov.
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