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  1. i dont know if this has been said but what if you cant physically get the wave gun. u have to physically get the raygun and volt gun and then they combine to make the wave gun. justa thought though. obviously the wave gun will most likely have something to do with the easter egg so maybe this adds a new challenge to it. all of this is a theory meant to bring a new idea to the table so please dont flame. cheers
  2. as carbon said he verified it by doing it himself, so in other words it works. :D
  3. ok so richtofen is in the future with the stone somehow he loses it. he goes back in time to change the course of events so that he doesnt lose the stone. so then in the future he has the stone and he can continue with whatever he needs to do. maybe a map in present day richtofen where he has amassed all of his "special items" and there is awesome rapage !!
  4. also camping next to the minecart easy to escape either by minecart or down the geyser or just looping them. also getting a rape train going ham on the zombies when they cross the bridge lol
  5. hmm focusing stone similar to the sankara stones that were in the temple of doom????? this map seems so much of an Indiana Jones feel to it lol
  6. i know this is off topic but what iff the blackbird took off it u called in a blackbird killstreak lol prolly not but how cool would that be? but on topic yea i noticed the teleporter/generator looking thing and it definatley appears to be an item of interest portaining to zombies. i imaging there to be some sort of intel files scattered around the map clueing into zombies and the storyline. but im stoked for this MP especially zombies area 51 and a map like nuketown!
  7. hmm the burning zombie might be a new boss. but on a different note this map looks cool. has an indiana jones movie thing goin on, booby traps, wierd temple that is being discovered, maybe there will be aliens tied into this or at least some element 115 history, maybe a meteor fell there and the people made the temple to worship the power or the element or to harness the meteors power. maybe aliens showed them how to use the element. and i only say aliens due to the huge corrrelation with aliens and the aztecs/mayans etc. maybe also the eclipse has something to do with the map thing right next to the heroes vault in CoTD . who knows but i an pumped. again also treyarch said there would be easter eggs on the hangar map for multiplayer and the trailers showed some sort of mega power device. maybe this will tie into zombies too, or even the basis for the next map just like nightfire was for der riese.
  8. hey i noticed that too. maybe the eclipse triggers an EE or PAP. but this map looks epic. kinda like an indiana jones temple with booby traps and deep secrets just waiting to be discovered
  9. i already understand how the zipline is supposed to work. you buy the required barriers. my complaint is that it didnt work for me even though i had all the required ones open. but turning the dials did make the set "open" for me. im 100% positive. at this point i think it was a glitch
  10. o and btw ive had the zipline open before and was gonna see it it would let me fall, and of course it did. however i didnt have any escape once i fell(didnt have the lighthouse, heroes room, or bridge barriers open). i was trapped, and my friend had to buy the lighthouse door to let me out. weird right?
  11. I had the ship area open and it still said set closed at the entrance to the lighthouse zipline. i had opened all the way to the box spot on the bow of the ship. turnin the power on did nothing. turning the dials did. unless there was a glitch. but im 100% positive that it worked after i turned the dials. and i was puzzled too bc i figured it would activate when i opened up the barriers to the areas required but it did not so i investigated
  12. besides opening up every barrier, first turn the power on, then set the lighthouse dials to the numbers required in the easter egg, 2746. then just open the few barriers to get to the area where the zipline on the lighthouse drops you off at on the far end of the ship(rowboat and container door barriers on top deck of the ship). hope this works for you cause if worked for me!
  13. i can officially say that george does get more powerful in correlation with the ammount of players in the game. we were playing multiplayer 3ppl and shot 36 rounds of un PAPd scavenger, then 36 rds of hyena infra dead. then all of our grenades, all of one persons matroshkas, and a whole commando mp40. George didnt die, its like WTF
  14. i could play. my GT is: TheX1Delta1. i live in STL so were on the same time zone. im decent at this map never payed it serious just for the eggs. got to round 13 easy w/o perks and completed the egg. never did any looping strategy or teamwork etc. i would love to better my record and have some fun!
  15. theres a thread on this sorta. it based the true reason for the golden rod. it a VRIL generator. just search it on google. its basically an infinate source of power/energy. it has many uses. its has connection with the der riese VRIL craft drawings. google seach should clear up any questions
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