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  1. Check my post on taking a closer look on the pentagon room in kino, put up some screenshots there of close ups of the note, pretty interesting stuff on it.
  2. Well Im not sure Richtoffen still wants to be with the illuminati, when you get the ray gun out of the mystery box he says something in the lines of "Now the Illuminati will never get their hands on me again", well something like that, clearly stating he wants nothing to do with them though.
  3. First of I noticed the rocket has an interactive symbol (litttle hand) before you turn on the power, after turning on the power, it dissapears. The tape machine in the corner says "Cyclone X, Mind Saver" This paper is on the clipboard next to the projector. You can clearly see it says 23 Jan '75 on the left side, I know we went forward in time but isnt '75 a bit far? Is it possible that you jump ahead even further in time for a brief moment after teleporting from the pap room? Here's a closer look on the upper line: From what Ive been able to figure out it says "We have both listed Triorum and Sarin. Be wary of the Doctor. His involvement should be minimized if you want to make it out alive. We are unsure of how he achieved this time and place. Do what you must..." No idea what triorum and Sarin are, maybe I misread but seems like hats what it says. The doctor = Richtoffen? This is also on the clipboard to the lower left corner. The piece with the writing can be seen on several places in kino, the piece to the left though seems to have some company logo saying GK, any ideas what that may be? Thats all for now, there's more documents on the desk, I'll try and get screenshots of those as well later on and update this thread.
  4. Dont think this has been revealed on here yet, thought id show you myself. The prove is on the main screen computer, the way to get there: 1: rlogin dreamland 2: user = twalker password = thanksdad 3: type in dir 4: to open the specific file type in: Cat Servantb67129.txt What the file says: “Experiments ongoing. “Observed a new effect “As a result of experiments. “Dr. Edward Richtofen as witness “Outlines as follows: “Tank Dempsey “Nikolai Belinski “Takeo Masaki “Subjects display unique “Side effects “Compared to previous “Subjects. “Baseline psyche remains “Intact, “But all specific memories “Have been lost. “Dr. Richtofen will continue “Observations. This might explain why their portraits are hanging there, seeing as they're test subjects? This looks like big news to me, maybe you guys can come up with some theories?
  5. Ive been in that room, there's like 5 of those portraits right? All 5 of em are blacked out and are completely identical, so i think they just used those as a filler, think they're different than the one thats interactive, id have to check though.
  6. Well the Dreamland server is viewable on the computer screen on the main screen, has smth to do with area 51. Maybe it just has to do with the meteorites and element 115, doesnt HAVE to be aliens.
  7. Found this guy that claims Dempsey, Nikolai and Takeo were test subjects of group 935? I find it hard to believe but what do you guys think? Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_0tg9SFJ0g
  8. actually if it were upside down (i doubt it) it would be IIX which=8 not 1 1 10 8-) Rofl no, 8 in roman numerals is VIII, Im reading every numeral seperate here, 2x 1 and a 10 so 1 1 10 ^^
  9. Not sure if this has been posted before but havent seen it so here goes. I was no clipping around the map, looking at all the books n stuff, when one book caght my eye, it said "Nellis Landrum". (Found it in the MANHATTAN DOWN room). I have a SS if needed? Now I couldnt find anything on both of the words combined, I did however find something about Nellis and Landrum seperate. Nellis: Apparantly Nellis is where the area "Dreamland" is located, you can acces the dreamland server on the computer on the BO mainscreen. Fishy area 51 stuff going on there. Landrum: The Cash-Landrum Incident was a reported Unidentified Flying Object sighting from the United States in 1980, which the witnesses insist was responsible for damage to their health. It is one of very few UFO cases to result in criminal court proceedings. wiki-link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cash-Landrum_incident Interesting? *update* Book next to it says "curran", so far the only thing of interest i found is a book written by dr. Bob Curran "Encyclopedia of the Undead, a field guide to the creatures that canot rest in peace" Someone should read this Btw if anyone needs me to noclip somewhere just lemme know.
  10. I think it says "MANHATTAN DOWN" And yeah, noticed XII too, might also mean 10 1 1 or upside down it'd be 1 1 10, but 12 makes more sense :p
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