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  1. I think the name Call of the Dead fits. Kino der Toten is Theatre of the Dead and Nacht der Untoten is Night of the Dead so I think it works.
  2. Official Treyarch tweet https://twitter.com/#!/Treyarch/status/ ... 7620269057 I think the name Call of the Dead fits. Kino der Toten is Theatre of the Dead and Nacht der Untoten is Night of the Dead so I think it works.
  3. cool0001

    Sam's Realm?

    How do we know the characters aren't in Sam's Realm already and they helped the scientist escape back to the real world?
  4. http://www.vvomedia.com/ links to findmakarov.com. VVO Media call themselves viral experts. They're portfolio is offline so does anyone remember VVO working for Activision or any of it's subsidiaries?
  5. There was someone pre Feb 1st who claimed to have played Ascension because he had family doing a new black-ops trailer showing the different types of player, but they couldn't find a quick scoper I think, but I've no idea how reliable this is :?
  6. This has been mentioned before but it still doesn't rule out the Isle of Sheppy or Ascension Isle.
  7. If you make a password using words you usually make it in you own language. Dr Maxis is German so are we looking for german words maybe Strahlenpistole?
  8. lined up perfectly gives this but the words don't match the spaces but it could be the other way round

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