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  1. Lol it's not THAT bad, and the character doesn't effect gameplay. Also there's a pattern with the BO maps Kino- original 4 five-new characters ascension- original 4 call of the dead- new characters I'm sure the next map will have the original characters. I like the new map, but George is annoying as hell when you're with the wrong people. So far everyone I've played with didn't know what to do and kept shooting him :| the song isn't that bad, it's better than the damn eminem song in five. but if you don't like it then don't activate it. if someone else does, turn your tv down or just man up and deal with it. it's not that big of a deal. i haven't tried the new perk yet, i've only been able to get into 2 or 3 matches. i don't think i'll need it, but my brother (who has terrible aim) likes the idea. if you don't like it it's just one less thing that you need to worry about.
  2. Shut up, douche. Why in the world would they go out of their way to add glitches into their game? They're supposed to be removing them. It doesn't add teamwork, what it adds is little 5 year olds demanding that you down yourself next to the box and lose your perks so they can have ~~MOAR GUNZ!1~~ Just play the game. Don't like it? Get a life.
  3. I actually think they're supposed to be drunk as a joke, tbh. Especially with all of the Russian vodka jokes. Even if I wasn't shooting at them I've seen them stumble and fall over out of nowhere. edit: I think the moonwalk thing is a glitch. I used to see them do that in WAW, or they would walk in place while spinning/turning.
  4. 27. Could have been 30+ but fate was against us I suppose. It started with terrible frame drops to the point where we could barely control our characters, then all at the same time one guy timed out, another went down, and I ran out of ammo. Luckily my friend was able to carry us a bit further(this all happened on either 25 or 26, I forget). Haven't played much since, I focus mostly on Der Riese. Our strategy: 2 players man the front in the PAP room, one handles the two back windows, and one loops around on the ground floor (strategy will not work without someone doing this). Edit: TIPS FOR THE PENTAGON THEIF He will only go after one person at a time, whoever sees him. If he is not after you, you'll see him as a stream of red numbers. When the theif round starts everyone goes up the stairs in the area with the mp5k and double tap. Everyone with claymores should set them up on the steps/top of the steps. The other 3 or so players need to stand in a place up there where they wont be blocking the other person's path. Whoever sees the theif needs to pull out their lightest weapon and run non stop. Everyone else shoots at him. Ray gun and Winter's Howl seem to inflict the most damage. If he gets your weapon you need to keep up with him, and while shooting aim at the head. Then he'll come for one of your teammates and you repeat ^
  5. So you want an emo knife named Marilyn Manson that you can suck the life out of your teammates with? :roll: A Bowie Knife upgrade wouldn't be too bad of an idea but OHK until 28 is overkill. I don't even think the ray gun is a OHK at that point, and neither are head shots. Maybe OHK until 15, faster melee, and permanent OHK on dogs/monkeys? Fair enough I think.
  6. I'm just wondering if anyone else as experienced this before. Twice now I've had a teammate throw a monkey then go to revive me, I stab what looks like a crawler(but is actually a dead body) thats close to them and they end up dying and we get a game over? Both times it was with the Bowie knife.
  7. MP40 is on wall but I agree D: I miss the PPSh and MG. Also the new weapons blow. The only ones I like even a little bit are the Commando, RPK, and HK. Hk is only good on double tap in later rounds and you have to camp for the most part. RPK runs out too quick and isn't powerful enough. Commando is really the best gun in my opinion but it just doesn't have enough ammunition on reserve. I usually end up stuck with the Commando and ray gun/other wonderweapon but it's not good enough if you ask me. There's no beast gun in BO like there was in WAW.
  8. I heard whispering too but I just thought I was crazy :| good to know it's not me. It seems like you can hear heavy whispering during dog rounds too.
  9. There's an easily exploitable glitch on DR that I don't think was there in WAW. Idk if you guys know of it or not. You just jump on the top edge of the railing in the mp40 room(on the left when you're coming in) and the zombies can't get you so they just group up below. i really hope this gets patched, i hate when people glitch to the top of the leaderboards.
  10. That happened to me and my brother too. Also the fire in the furnace was there for me but not him. Could be a texture glitch but idk.
  11. Haha what the hell. That happened to me and my brother before on Five, but it was the zombies whole body stretched around the staircase leading up to the mp5k.
  12. Ahh I hate that. It ended our game the other day at 37.
  13. Yeah it's happened to me too, and twice now it's played the first 15 seconds or so then stopped all together. Very annoying.
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