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  1. The guy holding the Thundergun is Richtofen. He just hasn't been seen without his hat in game before so we didn't realise he was bald. Plus Richtofen is slowly getting ill and weak due to the side-effects of element 115. He also is wearing the black gloves. And these pics are a bit exaggerated so I think they made him look a little more badass.
  2. Pretty sure its something to do with rendering, and not an easter egg. Noticed it myself in a party one night, and I think its just something to do with the updated engine or a difference in how things are prioritized render-wise
  3. @ The Fire Trap, I know you can dolphin dive through it. I've never ran through it because I dive whenever possible, but on the few times I've done Kino I would dive through and take about the same as walking through the Electric Fences. Also, nice finds. I'm more of a classic map fan so I don't notice these things :-)
  4. Gassers have pants so I don't think they are for sure monkeys...
  5. Is the only thing new about it the gold finish? It was the DG-3 in WaW so I guess thats the only thing new about it... I got it earlier today and I upgraded it and it was gold.
  6. The last line I ALWAYS hear is... THEYRE ALL AROUND ME, THEYRE WAITING FOR MEE!!!!!!
  7. Actually, not resolved. I was playing on reeses pieces today and i teleported with dogs inside the tele with me... so i still dunno what happened.
  8. @Commander I just meant that JFK and Nixon probably don't have the same thing, seeing as JFK won and Nixon wishes he won...
  9. So Anti-Earth... to teleport basically give your bullets to ze puppies and not ze zombies? (GET IT NOT ZE, NAZI! Oh I crack myself up sometimes.)
  10. I was gonna post a huge rant about how ghost is op and that in almost every other situation another perk would be less helpful... but stupid IE decided to send me back a page and i lost all of my progress. If someone would like to post a situation where another perk is more useful than ghost IN MORE THAN ONE INSTANCE I would love to hear it..
  11. 1- JFK is a president, Nixon is not. 2- Do you mean just use the action button on whatever thing as each person?
  12. So me and my friend Joker were playing on the updated Der Riese (PS3) and as we played, we used the well known catwalk-teleporter strategy(goto catwalk room, teleport, run around back to catwalk room, rinse and repeat.). Well as we got to round 26 we were about midway through it with 2 people, after our 2 randoms disconnected. We were both standing in the tele, with about 3 zombies inside it so Joker hit (SQUARE) to teleport and nothing... I held it down... nothing... he held it down again... nothing... then we got overrun because I was empty and he had a wunderwaffe, I went down and he ended up accidentally killing himself with it. If it matters, I had done it enough that basically every teleport was a "UH OH!" or a "NO TREAT FOR YOU!" or just no powerup... tl;dr 1- Round 26 with 2 people after 2 randoms disconnected. 2- Teleported at least 10 times 3- Standing in teleporter with 3,000 points and 2,500 points (give or take a few) 4- Push (SQUARE) and nothing happens, both of us did it and it wouldn't teleport us.. so we got overrun and died. I have no idea wtf happened and I am very angry as I was about to beat my 4 man high score with 2 people! Very frustrating chizz.
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