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  1. Yeah I dunno if someone has posted this, probably has but anyway, when U listen at the door when they are speaking, at least Nikolai meantions name 'Weaver''. He says it couple times like after the Argh my eyes comments. He says something like; '' Richtofen, Weaver, ARRGH. '' So are there 5 characters trapped? MOst likely Weaver means the BO Campaign guy, Grigori ''Greg'' Weaver. (http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Weaver). But the big question is, Is Weaver there and if so, then are we going to get 5 - player Zombie maps?? Time shall tell... Tell your opinions and have U heard the same?
  2. Jeez it is there, TO BE PRECISE, ITS 2.29 when U see it. Its right next to the guys crosshair, he's almost aiming it, its on the left side of the crosshair. Come to Chat nau so we can talk moar :)
  3. Red orb? I didnt see any Red on it, it was more white than red. And I saw it on another video aswell.... And it was still there after the screen had turned black and white and blueish. It was still THERE! Maybe it is something indeed?
  4. Yes indeed there is something still to be done, since the 90 Second DM's wouldnt make sense since I bet no-one can do this in a middle of a round so... There is something.. And I remember a video where a guy went to PaP Room and the room started shakeing when you went near PaP... Maybe there is something.... Cant find a link to it, sorry but it is posted on the forums somewhere... And then I just noticed an interesting thing ( Or it was interesting if you ask me ) on a one video, heres the link; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmylUZJE ... re=related Go to 2.26 and see something is in the air, something flashing? Not the generator, thats a normal thing but there is something white or yellow flashing.... Its a small and it disappears quite fast... But I havent seen that before... What ya think?
  5. I think that Maxis & Richtofen belong to the same family if the 1st Ascension Radio message was for Dr. Maxis. Let me explain why I think so; - In the 1st Ascension radio message, he tells about the Gersch Device and how Yuri is transferred to the rocket projects. Well after that he says; I have decided that your nephew should take his place. I look forward to working with him directly. Okay your nephew... Well then how Richtofen is part of this? Richtofen quotes like this when you free Gersch (if I remember right that it was when you free'd him); Goodbye Gersch! It would have been nice to meet you! Well meet you. Now lets take another look at this; If Gersch sent the radio message to Maxis, then Ascension hired his nephew from Group 935. They had agreed already about this hiring, so all parties knew, especially this nephew. Well then Richtofen says It would have been nice to meet you, like that they were supposed to meet but now the new turn of events has prevented it.. So is Richtofen Dr. Maxis's nephew? Sounds plausible...
  6. Dunno if this has been tried but... After you receive the DM's, maybe everyone should go to their own dolls in the map and shoot em with the DM? Sounds pretty foolish, but who knows?
  7. Hmh when I read this I had an idea.. The US base in the moon with lunars.. It seems that Richtofen was in the moon before Ascension and stole a lunar from the moon and then he travelled with the lunar to Ascension base :DD Well no, just kidding. But if you remember the 2nd radio message (if I remember right it was 2nd) where Yuri said; '' Blasting monkeys into a space! '' Space Monkeys most likely, but why blasting them to space? -> US Lunar Base on the moon -> Maybe Space Monkeys were sent there to steal US technology or disrupt their progress so that Russians could gain the upper hand in the research. But why Richtofen is in a Space suit... Maybe there is a map between Kino & Ascension, what can explain how Richtofen had space suit and how they got to the Lunar.... Only time will tell the ANSWERS!
  8. I want to point out the word TELEPORTING. Now dunno if someone has said this but maybe the thing in Verruckt, opposite to the power switch, is a some sort of prototype of the teleporter?
  9. Or maybe the monkeys destroyed the quick revive machine... You know that some of the monkeys go after Perk machines and they start to rip the machine off... At least I saw couple of em jumping over Juggernog trying to hit it.
  10. I also tried couple passwords for following accounts in the Der Riese server: DRMAXIS toten untoten hail hitler hailhitler ludwig reichstaguntoten reichstag NBELINSKI vodka SAMANTHA teddy ERICHTOFEN aether
  11. Anyone thought that the new character could be the brave Viktor Reznov? This might have been said before here, i dont know if it has been.. Im not sure how this thing goes, its still kinda confusing to me, I found this via 01MaverickTen10's youtube video, but something about that in every mission there is in the left corner there is told what mission is, who you are etc etc. There reads some things like X-Ray, Romeo etc. Well when you take the first letter of them all, it says; X REZNOV XX IS XX DEAD or something like that, well thats what we ''know'' already. But then, when you compare the number sequence to the Alphabet (for example, 1 = A) It says; OR IS HE DEAD THERE WAS NO BODY FOUND HE IS NOT WHO HE SAYS HE IS So what im basically telling is that Reznov is not probably dead and he could be the blank portrait since now that we know the Russians have more important role in the Zombies storyline....
  12. the rOppen messages refers to zombies as said but this is something that confuses me; WENT DOWN TO THE LAKE STUMBLED UPON A SECRET WILL NOT SLEEP AGAIN CoD Wiki suggests that it refers to the Shi No Numa meteor. Shi No Numa wasnt in a lake, it was a swamp. So, I did some research about this and found an entry from vbush's account about the Element 115 overview and I highlight this part of it; “Sources include meteors found in “Shi No Numa “Tunguska “Groom Lake “Der Riese “Moon (Confirmed via Astronomical team) Obviously, they mean meteors. Now compare these messages, is there common words? Yes there is, LAKE. Groom Lake, now whats that ? Well I googled it and it came up first with a result of; AREA 51. Its also called ''Groom Lake''. now if we think backwards to the Der Riese, Maxis said there is a large supplement of Element 115 in the Nevada base which means Area 51. So, Meteor came down to Area 51, more precisely, to Groom Lake. The rest, I dont know what it means. I posted this just to clarify rOppen's messages. Im not even sure should this comment be posted on this thread, but nevertheless, here it is >:)
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