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  1. I think that he just made up some stuff to intimidate you because you killed him and he couldnt take it
  2. I think that activision will do what they are doing for mw3 ie releasing maps for elite subscribers and then for everyone else in a content pack but there will be an elite subscription in the hardened and prestige editions personally I think that elite some concepts are good like comparing stats with friends but I think they should at least release the dlc on the same date per console ( I would prefer it if there was not a deal with Microsoft so every zombie player can go and try to find things and solve Easter eggs from day one) P.s. I'm a Xbox user
  3. I think that they were burning pigs because they were testing on the and when the tests failed they burned the bodies of the experiments
  4. In my last post about them getting changed richtofen I think could have as it was a group 935 base they could gave had a spare doctors uniform laying around Btw if there was anything wrong with this post plc tell me :D
  5. Also I think that traveling back in time may reverse the wounds they could have sustained which would explain why richtofen no longer has his wound on his face In shangri-la and as for the clothes honestly do not no maybe they got changed during call of the dead
  6. I think it went der riese to kino kino to ascension to call of the dead but then they travel back in time to before ascension
  7. Ok srry about that this following sentence is one of tfg dubz posts and I give all credit to him for finding out what aastral means [aastral means southern/quote] Also I think it will due to the fact that the plant seen in the cotd loading screen I think looks like a plant which would grow in a swamp like area
  8. If it is on tunguska I think it will be in the southern swamp areas of tunguska i will tell u why in next post computers battery is about to die
  9. There's some racket coming from below, and once that beam starts shining, it just can't seem to keep a steady rotation. Rumors have leaked in concerning access to an underground passage, but as of yet they're unconfirmed. A zipline runs from the top of the building, but the crew just can't seem to get it up and running. This will definitely need some more exploring. The paragraph above for some of you that may not know is a small but important segment of treyarchs call of the dead I will further analyse the intel but I am starting with this as I think it provides the most information when analysed Let's start with the sentence " there's a. Racket starting below" I think this is referring to the zombies which are coming out of the ground Next is "and once the beam starts shining it just can't seem to keep a steady rotation" this Is referring to when the pack a punch is just about to appear the light on the lighthouse will start spinning around The next line says " there are rumors of an underground passage" although this can only be speculated I think it is referring to the slide becaus if you think about it treyarch are saying this intel as if they have only heard rumors of the place and Since they never told us about the slide it would be referred to as a secret The next line is is "there is a zipline but our explorers cannot open it this is referring to the zipline at the top of the lighthouse that cannot be opened until all the doors in the map are open I hope you liked this topic
  10. I'm not so sure because if you think about it George Romero was making a zombie film he would have needed actors to play as zombies which would mean they would be of a slightly different colour. But we will know on the 3rd of may. As for the more decayed zombie nice find :D
  11. I think you are right about them wanting us to have fun but I think that if they wanted us just to have fun they woul have used a different location like in five they used the pentagon which was made for black ops but since the lighthouse was on the notice board I think it has an importance to the story
  12. Ok this is my first topic on codz but anyway. This is why I think it is connected because in der riese as many of you know there is a picture of a lighthouse on a noticeboard along with various other places. One of which is kino der toten and as we know kino is a group 935 station. From the inside xbox video I think we can assume this is as well. Also may I say that to all those people that are doubting call of the dead treyarch know what they are doing so just stay in it and hopefully treyarch will not disappoint
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