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  1. Ah, okay. I guess perks given to the whole team never sounded very reasonable now that I think about it. And no stopping power? Awesome.
  2. He actually is one of the more fleshed out characters in the modern warfare universe. He even had his own graphic novel series, which you could probably find online somewhere.
  3. It would be a great injustice to not finish such a terrific campaign. So I know I'm in.
  4. Stopping power eh? Even as a team perk, its strange for them to have layed it on the table again. Wasn't the point of taking it out to give other perks a viable chance? What could be more useful than the ability to take out your opponents faster? Well aside from the usual ghost-esque perk. Now nothing will feel right without that extra damage, haha.
  5. How about the TIME magazine that they show on the posters? It would provide some info on some of the small things (What the government is up to, perhaps? Maybe some interviews with General Shepard prior to death, small things such as that), and it would be a pretty awesome read, considering the whole thing is fictional, and all that backstory would enrich the plot even more. It could be used as a device to fill in any blanks that were drawn in the campaign, without spoiling anything of course.
  6. Just throw in the dog reward and I'll be happy. Oh and the Pavelow... that thing was so badass.
  7. From the looks of it, the bullet hit much too low from the shoulder for it to have hit any major artery. More likely than not they will probably throw out the, "bullet passed cleanly through" story if we ever see him in the next game. Makes you curious though... who could have found them Ghost and Roach? Did he just wake up as soon the general left? The vest he was wearing was fire retardent but lay right next to a burning guy covered in gasoline and some other part of you is bound to ignite. It would be funny if he was horribly disfigured from the burning and we never get to see whats underneath the mask. Hope it's Gaz.
  8. Someone in another thread said Dempsey had dialogue along the lines of, "I hope it's worth it this time. F***'n Gersh." Naturally, this would mean that the events in CotD would be happening after they visited the Soviet facility in Ascension. It is also a pretty amusing, in that it makes fun of the anti-climatic ending in Ascension's Node Puzzles.
  9. I guess I'll be the first to throw my vote in for one of the semi-auto's. The M14 and FAL need to recieve more love, haha.
  10. I understood the set rules already. I was just wondering if there was an easier way I could share emblems with some friends of mine, since they like to do the same thing anyways. Anyways, thanks. This will make it much easier on them and me, and if I have the time, Ill be sure to submit something.
  11. Sounds great. Though I have to ask. Is there a specific site I could find my current emblem on? It would be much easier than say, finding a camera, taking a picture, uploading it, then linking it here. As of now, there is probably no alternative for me though.
  12. Seeing as how you can no longer lend power to the guy because of the lack of ability to use tactical grenades (or the "Black Hole Grenade" for that matter), then that is pretty plausible. Though a thorough search for all the batteries probably should be done beforehand so that other users who get to that part may know in which direction to move when they finish the seventh step to the easter egg. Hopefully I'll have enough time to roam around tomorrow and take pictures of the batteries and list locations using the lunar lander maps. Well, I'm just glad this isn't over. All that fuss for prolonged Death Machines? Hell no.
  13. Try not to stay in the starting room for two long. Have you and your friends stick to their respective windows and progress through the map as soon as you have enough points. Try to move towards the Random Box as fast as you can, ignoring any other weapons besides the starting sidearm. In general, you should be able to progress to the box at about level 4 or 5, with more than enough points for two players to obtain weapons from the box. From there, you can either guard the roof where the box is (provided you have the proper equipment) or stand your ground at the open area near the PHD perk. When you all have obtained suitable weaponry, try obtaining your desired perks, though Juggernog should have priority over the others.
  14. If that is our missing piece, then the next two are going to be a pain. Figured this wouldn't be so easy.
  15. Wait, blowing the rocket up was one of the prerequisets? Or just a interactive part of the map? Perhaps blowing the rocket up releases some of the required materials you need to help out that John Doe of ours. Ill look into it.
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