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  1. I don't know wtf is going on! It's 5:53 am and the map pack isn't even out for me yet! All the banners are up, the green "new" sign is next to store and when i go to it it says map pack 2, but then when i go to that it says "There are no items available for purchase at this time" I go to the playlists and I see over 1,000 people playing and i'm stuck at the gate! Does anyone else have this problem!
  2. Just gonna say it, i've never gotten a nuke in mw2 :cry: . I thought it sucked anyways
  3. :( oh, i'll check again but I don't know why it wont show up on mine *edit* ok I checked again but it's still not there, I don't see what the problem is :| . I guess the high prestige players were just a coincedence
  4. I would choose Upheavel, Castle, and Bonzai (Whatever the map pack level was with the bridge)
  5. I woke up this morning to do a few things, then I decided to play online for alittle and I joined about 5 different domination matches (all casual) and every single match I was up against high prestigers (10th 11th 12th.. and so on)! Now it's pretty normal every once and while to run into a match with high prestigers but almost every one of them has them!!! I then looked at the playlist and saw that the prestige playlists weren't there anymore, I don't know about everyone else but i'm only 2nd prestige and i'm not the greatest player in the world and my ratio is really dropping from this. Just thought I should speak my mind :)
  6. Can someone remind me what the fire trap is in Ascension?
  7. Oh wow that makes it so much easier, how did we not notice that? And I have a question, how do you give brains?
  8. Ya I kinda agree with you, things were funner back when there was no crave for custimizable stuff. It's pretty weird that i'm saying "Back in the old times, the simpler times" eventhough it's only been like 4 years! :lol:
  9. It's hard to really choose but Nuketown and WMD are my favoirte maps from black ops
  10. The newer cod maps from black ops and modern warfare 2 aren't really that good in my eyes, When I think of most maps from these two games I don't really think "Wow I have so many memories.". Besides a few maps like firing range and maybe nuketown (Modern warfare 2 was just horrible) theres nothing really as good as maps from WaW and back
  11. So I was playing the older Call of Duty games like I usually do when bored of zombies and black ops multiplayer and I remembered how much fun I had playing online back then when these games were new. So I want to know which map was your favorite and why ! Personally my favorite is Carentan. I loved the close quaters urban setting of it and how you had no idea what was gonna happen around the next corner. It became better for me when it was re-released in Call of Duty 2, now I could play it on my newly bought Xbox also. When Call of Duty 4 came out with the Variety map pack (or whatever it was called), I saw that Chinatown was included which was a modern day version of Carentan and i bought it right away. For some reason it didn't feel the same way as before. So comment on what your favorite map of all time is! I'm dying to hear !
  12. wow, so many advancements! Can someone show us this cutscene?
  13. Ik, this map probably has twice the amount of information that Der Riese had. So far, on Ascension, we have found plenty of information to process through our heads and we have only just found the REALLY easy stuff! Hopefully when pc and ps3 owners get the map our effort will triple!
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