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  1. I was watching spiderbite's livestream and they found the switch on 2nd or 3rd body, so it isn't always on the fourth.
  2. Nope, they did include the phrase that sayed "But they wont be playable."
  3. If you didnt know there is an Post-It in express that says Zombies are coming.
  4. That's expected, call me when they bring in Steve Blum (Dempsky), Fred tatasciore (Nikolai), and Tom Kane (takeo), that will REALLY get me reved up! Sorry to tell you but Dempskey Nikolai and Takeo will not be featured as playable characters. Devs have said that they will be included, but not as playable. And the old team got trapped on moon.
  5. I found this to be quite interesting. Why is the navcard black sometimes? http://gyazo.com/d9505e612f0934945acf8e1c3f6bb786 The picture is taken from director named Radaustins27 video, where he is talking about shamblers, but this is the only thing that took my attention. Any ideas? And if you are interested here is the link to the video
  6. mrgagify

    Read this topic

    fail ? ya lying boe?
  7. I dont have a camera, im 31 on kino der toten. if some1 could add me and take teh picture for me o_O?
  8. *facepalm* Activision has already stated that they will never, ever make people pay for Call of duty Multiplayer.
  9. My MW2 is one year old and i havent got any errors yet... same thing with my other games. you just dont keep good care of it.
  10. Ookey we now know this is fake...but id still like to tell those who ask what time ascension takes place. I think it takes place the sametime Five takes because you can find red phones that you can sometimes answer. And there is one of the characters in 5 talking.
  11. srsly...do you even read the topic around here? We already know what it means and we have solved it, or almost as far as we know. just go to the main page and take anything that says something about generator...
  12. The moon isn't actually straight up, its off to the side in the sky, a little bit above the horizon ye :S i just noticed that after watching some videos.
  13. soo...you dont even know what we currently have? Maxis is DEAD Samantha is playin with FATES of 4 characters and they are trying to STOP her, because Samantha wants to avenge is FATHER (Maxis) because RICTOFEN killed him, Samantha is possibly ghost. Every SINGLE MAP is RELEVANT to the STORY! Go read some threads cuz i cant be bothered to explain it all.
  14. you cant use lunar landers after the easter egg.
  15. Okey so i didn't work... but im pretty sure there is more to it :P
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