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    The Four Guardians ***GROUP REQUEST THREAD***

    I dont have a camera, im 31 on kino der toten. if some1 could add me and take teh picture for me o_O?
  2. mrgagify

    Theory: Ascension intro+Generator easter egg connected

    The moon isn't actually straight up, its off to the side in the sky, a little bit above the horizon ye :S i just noticed that after watching some videos.
  3. mrgagify

    Theory: Ascension intro+Generator easter egg connected

    I think that the thing in the cell is gerch device, that was locked down because it was so dangerous. Later Sam hired Yuri, the scientest assistant, to use it to lock him down, because The scientest was trying to shoot all 115 that exicted to space. And on the last picture you can see the scientest being dragged to the gerch device. tell me what u think and also, i think the next map may be moon, because of this little phrase ''You must ASCEND(Ascension) SALVATION(Next map? its a possibility) Lies ABOVE! (In ascension easter egg. the little soul(whatever it is) goes up in to the moon. now ''Lies above'' On ascension moon is not on left or right, it is almost exactly up. Sorry for my bad english :DDDD
  4. mrgagify

    Is the DG-2 in there?

    i have myself heard rumors that there is room that you unlock via easter egg where you can buy dg-2 and winters howl. We'll have to wait till pc gets the map pack in their hands :roll:

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