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  1. ZombiesFTW!

    Next node step Must SEE\Update it works

    i think that the game thought u still had the DM because u cant do anything exept from pressing x on the lander and activating the radios and dolls, now they pressed x on the doll and the lander and it worked so ye, u cant change gun when u get the deathmachine, so when he went down it went back to normal
  2. ZombiesFTW!


    if you are telling the truth, good, but if you are lying myou just wasted your life on i picture thinking what the new zombie map would be like, how sad/
  3. ZombiesFTW!

    BIG secret on Kino???

    even if you noclip it dosent mean its not a silverback. treyarch maybe dont want us to find the silverback, just load noices and the roof coming down. but how can little crawling zombies bring a roof down. the building maybe old and rotten, when you turn the power on it makes the building all shake, but maybe theres a zombie boss. like on der reise, it says the giant is rising. now what the hell is that all about?

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