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  1. can you plz have a look at my first intro i made. and if u like i make free ones, just subscribe so i know who wants it. also pm me. http://www.youtube.com/user/SamBoy991?feature=mhee
  2. yes i heard it, when u complete the easter egg and after that. if u die, rictofen says "ooo so thats how it ends" maybe thats the last of the zombie maps. no add ons. another theory saying theres going to be a map pack 4 but abviously not. same like cod 5. there was no map pack 4 for that.
  3. i havent done this before but i want 3 good player to help me get far and to do the easter egg. and mabe find more easter eggs. my gt is : Th3KiLl3RcLoWn
  4. PLZ INVITE ME. MY GT: Th3KiLl3RcLoWn . i am goog at zombies and willing to help. message me
  5. hy are u talking about cod 9? mw3 hasnt even been out yet/
  6. i think that she laughs because, why else would u want to jump on top of eachother. to get in a glitch so the zombies cant get u?
  7. it happns to me too much, now i play with mates who are good at the game.
  8. funny thing was is that i and my mates were about too find a match for zombies, looking through u now kino, five, then ascension i looked at the pic and i notcied something different. i couldnt see the moon anymore as before u could. came on here and now i now why, they have changed or updated it for some paticaller reason. maybe a hint?
  9. i was watching the call of the dead video on xbox 360 and noticec a few things. Thew new headshot perk, maybe a perk which gives u double points whilst shooting them in the the head. or something else not quite sure. Ziplines instead of teleporters. a new launch pad, stand on it and it flings u across the map. theres actual people in the game. for example freddie cruegar. but actual name is george enguland. george remero is the new boss who has a electric type wepon. theres mutilpe ways u can kill him, and sumways u can kill him, ways u dont even have to use your gun. no monkeys. zombies look more realistic. perks i seen was only the new perk and the double dap perk. theres also a new sniper i saw plus a new wonsder wepon, i gun which turns zombies into humans. not sure what they do yet. i did see machetes and pitchforks, didnt see actual gameplay so maybe we might not be able to use them. maybe have them as a knife sort of thing. like the bowie knife but a machete. still theres the PaP machine with the all time hogged up favourite mystery box. not sure where the story has lead too. maybe a map like 5 which is not the actual story. i hope theres a few easter eggs like the song to find and other things so we can all enjoy.
  10. i would like to help you, i now most of the easter eggs on ascension. i think there could be a new type of easter egg. on kino theres 6boxes u have to shoot to get the new radios to play. ok so on ascension theres fire extinguishers, not sure how many but there is a few i have seen. u shoot them and they blow up with water. so we could try that too. my gamertag is Th3KiLl3RcLoWn .
  11. multiplayer= full of noobs, campers with ghost Zombies= good but ges boring after a while as noobs leave cause they die all the time. but fun whilst playing with friends.
  12. well yes thts your opinion. but still treyarch want to make as much money as possible, if they put it seperate it will be stupid as they want make much money.
  13. the thing i find mysterious is that b4 ascension came out, people were saying ascension is based by a lighthouse. when the lighthouse is on the map call of the dead. did they make this map before ascensioon i wonder.
  14. well i looked at the trailer for map pack 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_Wz3CWYStU&hd=1 and and they showed a 2 second picture of the zombies and it looked like it was a snow type map. with iceicles on the crane and stuff. so it may be in discovery. also it has a lighthouse i saw. its called call of the dead. Hotel- has elevators Zoo- a monarail Stockpile- has garage doors that can be shut Convoy- not sure, but a good sniper map
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